Ugly John Lives!

I love when this happens. I love the Krakoa Era of the X-Men! Everything and everyone is fair game! Including the gloriously underserved Ugly John. He’s alive and well on Krakoa now, according to the latest issue of X-Men. Check out this nifty letter that Forge sent to Cyclops that namedrops our three-faced boy!

This makes me very happy.

So who is Ugly John and why do I care so much? I’m so glad you asked!

Ugly John is a mutant created by Grant Morrison at the very start of their New X-Men comic all those decades ago. Ugly John was the first taste of the madness that Morrison had in store for the X-Men. Just a dude with three faces.

He’s not that ugly

Morrison then promptly killed Ugly John. He never lasted more than an issue or two. Cyclops and Wolverine went all the way out there to save him, but Ugly John got killed by Morrison’s great villain plans. It happens. But the character always stuck with me because I love superheroes who are also just regular dudes.

Ugly John didn’t have laser eyes or weather control. He was just a dude with three faces, but he was as much a mutant as anybody. And then he was killed, never to be heard from again.

Until now! That letter from Forge in X-Men #8 confirms that Ugly John is alive and well on Krakoa! How nice!

And I care because Ugly John was on my List of Six of obscure mutants I wanted to see return on Krakoa. How cool is that? Did somebody see my list once upon a time? Or are there other people out there who remember Ugly John?

What’s especially cool is that 4 out of the 6 characters I listed have shown up somewhere in the Krakoa Era. Which is awesome! Now we just have to wait for Lacuna and Postman.

Also, quick note, that letter from Forge also seems to doubly confirm the existence of Soft Serve, the X-Man who poops ice cream from her butt. This was one heck of an Easter Egg-filled letter. This is all rather pleasing to me.



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