The X-Men Have Finally Reaped the Whirlwind

The day has finally come, decades in the making. The X-Men have finally addressed the supervillain Whirlwind. I know what you’re thinking: why does that matter? Whirlwind is an Avengers villain. What does he have to do with the X-Men?

Nothing. Except…Whirlwind is a mutant!

Who’s power is spinning his lower body really fast?

It’s one of those weird little bits of comic book trivia that I enjoy. Whirlwind, a classic Avengers, Ant-Man and Wasp villain, who has been around since 1963, is a mutant. But he’s a mutant who has never, ever been involved in any X-Men comics. I’m pretty sure Whirlwind has never fought the X-Men, never duked it out with Wolverine, never had anything to do with Magneto or the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Until this week! Whirlwind was the villain in this week’s X-Men Annual comic, where he gets into a fight with Firestar and Cyclops. And after they kick his butt, they bring up the fact that Whirlwind chose not to move to Krakoa.

Whirlwind would be great on X-Force

It’s neat! They even gave him a whole informational page, which laid out everything I just said, but in a more all-encompassing way.

I have really been enjoying the X-Men comic in the Krakoa era. It’s my favorite title of the lot. And I especially love it when the X-Writers get to explore some other characters in the wider universe, through these Annual or Unlimited issues. Writer Steve Foxe took the time to explore this nifty little corner of the Marvel Universe and now we can finally say for sure that Whirlwind wanted nothing to do with Krakoa.

Considering the nature of comics, he’ll probably be proven right in the long run…



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