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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 1/28/17

Comics! I love’em. You love’em! We can’t live without’em! And here’s another big stack of reviews for comics I read this week. Kind of fun how I keep doing this.

Lots of good reading options this week, from Infamous Iron Man to the new Hulk series to my return to the Pink Ranger mini-series. There are so many good comics to choose from these days. Including and especially the new issue of Spider-Woman, which easily wins Comic Book of the Week due to another impressive, emotional issue.


Does Janice know some twerp is stealing her Beetle guise?

Though I’m not going to lie to you: Spider-Woman #15 is crazier than I could have ever guessed.

I’ve also figured out the worst part about Inhumans vs. X-Men: the unintentional villainy of Ms. Marvel. I’m clearly with the X-Men on this one. The Inhumans are monsters who are comfortable with either killing or deporting every mutant on Earth. Since she’s an Inhuman, Kamala Khan gets drafted into the Inhumans’ side with the new issue, and it’s repugnant. That Kamala would so cheerfully and excitedly join the side in favor of genocide is just wrong. But here we are.

Comic Reviews: Detective Comics #949, Hulk #2, Infamous Iron Man #4, Power Rangers — Pink #6, Prowler #4, Spider-Woman #15, The Dregs #1 and Teen Titans #4. 

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Welp, Looks Like I’m Going Broke on Spider-Man LEGOs This Year

Toy Fair is rocking New York City this weekend, with all manner of cool toys and action figures on display. I need to go to Toy Fair some day, but sadly, not today. Thankfully, there Internet is here to show us what we’re missing, and it turns out that I’m probably going to be spending a lot of money on LEGOs this year. Specifically, Spider-Man LEGOs.

More specifically, there’s this bridge playset that features mini-figs of both the Scorpion, one of my favorite Spider-Man villains, and the Scarlet Spider, with whom my entire comics collection is partially indebted. You guys have no idea the depths to which I collect Scarlet Spider merchandise.

Ultimate Spider-Woman is awesome too

The playset itself is pretty awesome. I usually prefer vehicles, but that is a pretty confident looking section of bridge. Plus those characters are too good to pass up. Perhaps I could find them solo for far less money, but at this stage of the game, let’s pretend I’m a millionaire. Scarlet freakin’ Spider as a LEGO, that’s just mind-blowing. That’s the sort of thing my brother and I literally dreamed about as kids.

Check out the rest after the jump!

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The Universe Hates Me

I come to you today in sorrow and rage, dear readers. Once I was a man who believed in fairness and joy, who believed that the universe was here to help us all in our times of need. I had always treated the universe well. I respected its awesome power – but it has betrayed me. It has played a cruel trick on my heart, casting aside my love and respect, and replacing it with an icy blackness that tears at my very soul. The universe has hurt me. It has hurt me deep.

You may recall my overwhelming joy last Summer when I learned that one of my all-time favorite comic book characters, Phil Urich, was going to get an action figure. Phil Urich was my Peter Parker. He was the affable young superhero whose Green Goblin series brought me into comics in the 90s. And for the first and probably last time ever, Phil was going to get an action figure in his Hobgoblin persona. He’s such an obscure, minor character that never in my wildest dreams did I think he’d ever get any sort of action figure.

Do you remember, dear readers? Do you  remember that moment when the universe shined its light upon me and gave me a gift as pure as the fallen snow?

For never has there been something so beautiful

That moment was lies and deceit, dear readers. That moment is gone now. Only sorrow remains.

For you see, I was perusing the Internet the other day when I stumbled upon this post at i09, which linked to this person’s photobucket account. It seems the Hobgoblin action figure is going to be up for sale soon, and some people have already gotten their copy.

But here’s the thing…Hobgoblin is a build-a-figure.

What’s that, you may ask? What could that possibly mean? It’s simple, really. Instead of simply buying a Hobgoblin action figure off the shelf, like a rational human being, the Hobgoblin figure has been dissected, and the pieces have been scattered into different packages. There are 6 figures in this line of toys, and a piece of Hobgoblin has been placed into each one. This means I have to buy all 6 figures in order to then assemble Hobgoblin.

Though I do like that Ultimate Spider-Woman

Do you see the travesty in this, dear readers? Do you see it?! In order to get the one action figure I want, I now have to buy SIX action figures! That’s going to cost $60-$70 instead of the simple $10 of a single action figure! Sixty-freakin’-dollars! What do they think I’m made of, money? Because it sure ain’t money!

And on top of that, I’ve got to somehow find all six action figures! Do you realize how hard that might be? Action figures like this are a specialty item these days. You can’t find every figure in every store, sometimes there are store exclusives, or they’re sold out of all the cool ones!

What are we to do, my friends? What hope do we have in this life against such a cruel and twisted universe?

This is why we can’t have nice things.


Ladies and Gentleman, There Will Be a Phil Urich Action Figure

I like collecting superhero action figures. I loved it as a kid, and I still love it now. They’re neat to put on book shelves and just be on display. It speaks to the geek collector in me. Unfortunately, most of my favorite superheroes are pretty obscure characters, and they don’t get made into action figures very often. I could care less about the latest Spider-Man or Wolverine variant. Give me a Multiple Man figure!

Well it seems the impossible has happened. Phil Urich, one of my all-time favorite comic book characters, is getting an action figure. As part of some upcoming Marvel Legends line, we will get Phil’s awesome Hobgoblin figure.

Dreams do come true

Holy crap, that looks awesome. That will be the pride and joy of my collection, people. I know it’s a little bit insane to like action figures so much at my age, but who’s judging? Don’t be a Judge Judy. Get on the cool train!

The figure comes out sometime in 2015, I think. There are some more pictures here. Sweet Georgia Brown, I want that toy.

Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 2/1/14

Happy Groundhog’s Day Eve, everybody! Are you all ready for the groundhog to pop his head out of the hole to look for his shadow? Do you international readers celebrate Groundhog’s Day? It sounds terribly American. Nonetheless, it’s happening, and I’m excited. I might even break out my Groundhog’s Day pennant that I don’t actually own.

It also feels like there’s something else important going down this weekend, but I can’t put my finger on it…

At any rate, let’s talk comics! This week, I picked up new issues of Aquaman, Spider-Man and Thor, and decided to take another peek at Red Lanterns. Feels like I haven’t checked in with them in awhile. But all of those titles were blown away by the latest Annual issue of Batman and Robin. Peep your eyes on this one, Robin fans, it might be the greatest Robin love letter we’re ever going to get from DC Comics. It easily wins Comic Book of the Week.

Especially if they kill off Dick Grayson, those meanies!

Comic Reviews: Aquaman #27, Batman and Robin Annual #2, Red Lanterns #27, Superior Spider-Man #26, and Thor: God of Thunder #18. 

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