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A Whole Buncha Playstation 5 News and Trailers!

Sony held a big Playstation 5 event yesterday and revealed all sorts of information. First up, the actual console will be released in mid-November. The main console will be $500, while a version that ditches the disc drive and is digital only will be $400. Either way, I’m not buying a console at launch, so I’m not worried.

Beyond that news, we got a ton of new video game trailers and peeks!

The biggest news is that the Hogwarts Legacy game has finally been revealed! There was a short, blurry video leaked a couple years ago that alerted people to the game, but now we’ve got a full trailer! With gameplay!

Granted, JK Rowling is a pretty rotten person these days for her anti-trans opinions. She’s bad news. So this will be one of those situations where we have to decide for ourselves how willing we are to separate a work from the author. I don’t think Rowling had anything to do with this game, but she’s definitely going to make royalties off the license. So you’ll have to decide for yourselves.

Personally, I’m probably in. An epic RPG where you create your own wizard and send them through Hogwarts? All this needs to be is Bully from Rockstar set in the Wizarding World and it’ll be a masterpiece.

Next up, how about a gameplay trailer for the Spider-Man: Miles Morales game?!

Looks like an excellent amount of more Spidey gameplay to me! I think they could have found a better villain than the Tinkerer, but who am I to judge? This one should be really fun.

Want to know what’s also fun? Apparently both Hogwarts Legacy and Miles Morales will be available on the PS4, which I currently own. I won’t even need to buy a PS5!

Next up is a teaser for God of War: Ragnarok. The first reboot God of War game was a masterpiece, so I’m sure this sequel will be just as amazing, if not moreso.

Strange that they’re already going with Ragnarok for the second game. What’ll they call the third?

Lastly we have Final Fantasy 16! How exciting. It’s hard to even remember that the Final Fantasy series is still ongoing. I enjoyed FF15, so surely 16 will be fun!

Looks fun, at least. The graphics definitely look amazing. Might I need a PS5 for this one?

Anyway, that’s all the games that were revealed/teased yesterday that I care about! Some are coming to PS4 and that will be good enough for me. I’ll get a PS5 eventually. All of these games have me excited!


A Tribute to Wes Anderson

I saw Moonrise Kingdom over the weekend, and it was an amazing film! Definitely one of director Wes Anderson’s best. I would normally do a full movie review, but I’m not scholarly enough in the filmography arts to properly review something as deep as Moonrise Kingdom. Plus I’m trying to keep my blog more in the geeky pop culture realm. But suffice to say, Moonrise Kingdom was an awesome film and you should all go see it. The movie is sweet, adorable, ¬†and whimsical in that special Wes Anderson way. If you’ve seen his films, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

Best non-Avengers movie of the year!

There’s a special kind of happy melancholy in Anderson’s films. A sadness that doesn’t seem sad. A happiness that doesn’t seem all that happy. The humor is deadpan, but wonderful. And the characters, while not larger than life, inhabit a special world all to their own. There’s a magic in Wes Anderson’s filmmaking that is uniquely his own.

And Moonrise Kingdom has all of this. It’s the story of two young kids who fall into the 12-year-old equivalent of love, while living on a serene island off the coast of New England in the mid-1960s. And since both of them are outsiders and ‘troubled youths’, they decide to run away together – to the other side of the island. Meanwhile, the various grown-ups in their lives – as well as the coolest scout troop ever – must organize a search effort, while at the same time try to understand why these kids felt they need to run away.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. I wish more people in the world wanted to go see Moonrise Kingdom than Madagascar 3D.

In place of a full review, I’ve decided to share my favorite Wes Anderson movie parodies from across the Internet. I’ve collected these from different humor websites from different places, each of them wonderfully made and each of them really touching into that Wes Anderson style. I hope you enjoy!

Wes Anderson’s God of War

Wes Anderson’s The Amazing Spider-Man

Wes Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox

And again, please go see Moonrise Kingdom! If I didn’t love The Avengers so much, this would easily be the best film of the year so far.

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