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That Final Fantasy 7 Remake Might Actually Happen

Plans have been in place to remake RPG classic Final Fantasy 7 for awhile now, with no signs of it actually happening. But developers released a nifty new cinematic trailer last week, so at least that’s something!

The trailer promises more information next month. We’ll see what happens! I’m all for having this remade. Maybe this time I’ll better understand the story and what’s going on…


6 Thoughts On Trying to Recapture the Magic of an Old Final Fantasy Game

I finally beat Final Fantasy 9 last month after roughly 13 years. It was an unremarkable experience. Not 13 continuous years of trying, mind you. I borrowed the game from a friend way back in my college days, but the first disc was scratched and the game crashed only an hour or so into it. I didn’t try again until last summer when Final Fantasy 9 was released on Steam.


Steam is the great uniter

I played for a bit last summer, but gave up out of general boredom. Thankfully, the gaming spirit grabbed me again this winter and I powered through the rest of Final Fantasy 9, finally sending Zidane and company up against the evil Kuja to save…I wanna say Gaia? Was that the name of their planet? Anyway, I beat the game, recaptured my lost youth and now I’m gonna talk about it!

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So That Final Fantasy 7 Remake is Totally Happening

A trailer came out this weekend for the remake of Final Fantasy VII, something long since desired by the gaming community. It’s a pretty cool trailer.

Me, personally, I’m kind of excited. Not googily eyed excited, but I imagine I’ll play it and relive some fun memories. I played the first one back in the day, on the good old Playstation 1. Those were good times. If I remember correctly, I played it entirely with a strategy guide, step-by-step, page-by-page. I have no idea why I wanted to play it that way though. Must have been a fool.

Also, word has it that this remake will be episodic, which is weird, but then perhaps this remake is going to be too huge to be one game all at once.


Final Dance Fantasy

Let’s start our Monday right with some Final Fantasy-inspired song and dance!

I always enjoy a good, rhythmic dance routine. If only those Step Up 2 the Streets movies used video game themes. Thick of the cross geek promotion! This video was made by Mike Song, though if I’m being honest, it probably could have used more beautiful women. Or maybe a whole army of dudes.

Kingdom Hearts Could Learn a Thing or Two from This Girl

One of my favorite things to talk about on this blog is Internet creativity. I may not have much myself, but there are people out there who do amazing works of art, or videos, or song parodies or whatever else. I randomly stumbled upon this Disney Dressphere Project by artist Alli White. These pictures are delightfully fun. They’re Disney Princesses drawn like Final Fantasy characters, specifically from Final Fantasy X-2, which starred three female protagonists and involved the ‘dressphere’, which was about them changing costumes to gain different power sets.

But I still think they work wonderfully as just general Final Fantasy costumes. And they’d be perfect for Kingdom Hearts, the video game series that already combines Disney and Final Fantasy characters.

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