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Today Was the Day to Pick on the Original Batman Movie

With Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice on the horizon, the Internet’s favorite quickie critics are tearing down the original Batman movie. Both Honest Trailers and Cinema Sins released their take downs of the Michael Keaton classic.

Good times, good times. I think I’ve put all the original Batman movies behind me. Bring on the new DC Cinematic Universe. I’m willing to give it a shot.

And I bet we’ll have dueling Superman videos later this week!


I Really Liked Watchmen

I really liked the Watchmen movie. It’s exciting and fun, and a great adaptation. But hey, it’s not perfect.

Cinema Sins does a pretty good job on the movie, but they once again get pinched by their choice not to consider the source material. I don’t think you can consider Doctor Manhattan’s crazy cool temporal existence powers to be a sin.


Movie Criticism is Better Than Politics

It’s Super Tuesday, and that means a whole heck of a lot in the world of American politics. I would rather no deal with that insanity, so instead, let’s poke fun at Monsters University! I mean, what the heck was up with Monsters University?

Seriously, let’s not worry about politics today. If anything, you should go watch John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. That’s all the politics any of us will ever need. Even if Cinema Sins is pretty good too. They really delved into this one.

You know what my biggest complaint is about Monsters University? It’s that all of the monsters look the same. Other than Mike, Sully and the main characters, all the background monsters are the same kind of rainbow furry and generic. It’s kind of disheartening.


I Still Haven’t Seen Fan4stic

I’m pretty sure all movie critics and moviegoers did this job for them, but Cinema Sins has gotten around to finding Everything Wrong with the new Fantastic Four. At least now I can say I’ve seen enough of the movie to not have to watch it for real.

Yep, that movie seems as bad as everyone said. That’s good enough for me! Poor Fantastic four, they get no respect.


Everything Wrong with Ant-Man

Alas, poor Ant-Man, there’s no way it could survive Cinema Sins.

I still love this movie, I will always love this movie, and I can’t wait to see Ant-Man show up in Captain America: Civil War. But heh, it’s got a million, bajillion little problems.


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