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Batman v. Superman Brings the Everything

We were teasered earlier this week, and now the full brunt of the latest Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has arrived!

It’s pretty good. There’s a lot given away in this trailer. We see Clark and Bruce meet for the first time, we see why they go to war, we see how Lex Luthor responds, we see Doomsday, who’d only been rumored up to this point, and we see Wonder Woman’s arrival in response to Doomsday. That’s kind of the whole movie, right?

Captain America v. Iron Man: Dawn of War still leads the pack for me!


Justice League Fan Trailer

Because the geeks of the world have decided they’re not going to take any more of DC Comics’ crap, and they’re just going to make a Justice League movie all on their own, dammit! This one, which I think is part of a series, was made by the fine people at kashchei2003.

Death and Return of Superman 4 Hire

Marking the 20th anniversary (almost) of the Death of Superman, “Chronicle” screenwriter Max Landis gives us this glowing tribute, featuring the talents of Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore. Enjoy! It’s perhaps the most accurate rendition I’ve ever seen.

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