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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 10/1/22

For once, I have more than just two or so comics to read and review this week! And yet I’m still not branching out as much as I’d like to non-superhero stuff. I haven’t even read 8 Billion Genies yet! That’s supposed to be very good. At least Ant-Man and Thunderbolts are also very good, as is the first issue of Tim Drake: Robin.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100 for a pretty excellent, perfectly paced and powered, big anniversary issue.

Always a classic

Meanwhile, I’m just about ready to start hunting in earnest for an artist for my next comic book project, Cover Bard. So if you are a comic book artist looking for work or you know one who is, drop me a line and we might be in business!

Comic Reviews: Ant-Man #3, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100, Thunderbolts #2, Tim Drake: Robin #1 and X-Men #15.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 9/3/22

Happy Birthday to me! Not yet, of course. It won’t be until Tuesday — and I’ve got a big announcement to make! — but this is the comics review column ahead of my birthday, so why not say something? Life is fun that way. And comics were fun this week! Including the launch of a new Thunderbolts and another great issue of The Variants.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Ant-Man #2 for how much fun this anniversary series has been, really reaching back into the past and capturing the era-specific magic of guys like Eric O’Grady in his heyday.

My thoughts exactly

Meanwhile, I’m deep into Total War: Warhammer 3 these days, loving the new factions and the giant map. Glad to finally be playing Immortal Empires! I’ve also gotten around to watching Paper Girls on Amazon Prime and it is a real letdown. It feels like an early 2000s Nickelodeon take on the material.

Comic Reviews: Ant-Man #2, Thunderbolts #1 and The Variants #3.

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The 6 Characters on My Comic Book Thunderbolts

What an exciting Comic Con! All the big names in pop culture had a great time in San Diego this past weekend, especially Marvel Studios. They revealed a ton of upcoming movies and finally confirmed that they’re working on a Thunderbolts picture. This makes that team the perfect choice for my annual team roster tradition.

The movie probably won’t have a comics accurate roster

Every Comic Con, I have a bit of creative fun by picking my ideal superhero team roster. Someday I’d like to write superhero comics for a living, and that means I might get the chance to pick my dream roster for various superhero teams. I’ve written about my dream Avengers, Justice League, Teen Titans, Fantastic Four and a host of others, including some original X-Team ideas for the Krakoa era. It’s just a fun little game where I get to live my dreams!

And this year I’m going to do my ideal comic book Thunderbolts! I already did a List of Six a month ago for my Thunderbolts roster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But what about in the comics? Join me after the jump to see how I would remake the Thunderbolts on the page! And feel free to share your own dream Thunderbolts teams in the comments!

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Marvel Studios Bring the Awesome!

Marvel Studios returned to San Diego Comic Con for the first time in years last night, and they brought the power. They outline the ending of Phase 4 and all of Phase 5, with a hint at Phase 6 even, stretching out into 2025. It all looks pretty great to me!

Specifically, we got some great trailers. Like this first look at the next movie, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

That is a damn powerful trailer. I am perfectly fine with the idea of not casting the late Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa. It would have been very simple to just recast him and tell another story where Black Panther fights a new bad guy. But it’s a real creative challenge for everybody else to come together and come up with a great new story that pays respect to his death and legacy. I’m excited!

We also got a new trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. I’m excited for this show, and this trailer looks good.

Some of the CGI looks wonky still, and some looks better. The whole thing overall looks like a great watch. She-Hulk is a fun character, and I really want a procedural law show starring She-Hulk and a bunch of comic book stuff. Should be fun!

Those were the only trailers we got, though the people at Comic Con got some exclusive footage from a bunch of other projects. Good for them.

We got a few new projects revealed last night, all of which sound great.

Out of those, I’m definitely looking forward to what they end up doing with Thunderbolts. And new Avengers movies sound great to me! We have three whole years for them to put together a new Avengers team to star in Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. And new Daredevil and Captain America stuff should be a hoot!

Marvel Studios had a great night at Comic-Con and I’m looking forward to all of these things! Gonna be a fun three years, as always.


The 6 Characters on My MCU Thunderbolts

Word came down from Hollywood on high last week that Marvel was working on a Thunderbolts movie. It’s been rumored for years, and it’s too hot a property to dismiss, so I’m all in favor of this happening. There are enough characters and villains from throughout the past decade of the MCU to put a really good anti-hero/anti-villain team together.

The 90s coming at you!

The biggest question is: what kind of movie is this? In the comics, the Thunderbolts were a team of villains posing as heroes, who slowly came around to the idea that being a superhero was awesome. It was one of the biggest twists in comic book history. But with acting announcements and the way Hollywood works, it would be nearly impossible to pull off a similar twist. So I think an MCU Thunderbolts should be the equivalent of the Dark Avengers. Some either villainous or anti-hero characters brought together to fill the void left by the actual Avengers, perhaps by Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. And maybe they’re used for nefarious purposes, but slowly come around to the idea that they should do more good.

Join me after the jump for my roster for an MCU Thunderbolts.

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