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The 6 Characters on My MCU Thunderbolts

Word came down from Hollywood on high last week that Marvel was working on a Thunderbolts movie. It’s been rumored for years, and it’s too hot a property to dismiss, so I’m all in favor of this happening. There are enough characters and villains from throughout the past decade of the MCU to put a really good anti-hero/anti-villain team together.

The 90s coming at you!

The biggest question is: what kind of movie is this? In the comics, the Thunderbolts were a team of villains posing as heroes, who slowly came around to the idea that being a superhero was awesome. It was one of the biggest twists in comic book history. But with acting announcements and the way Hollywood works, it would be nearly impossible to pull off a similar twist. So I think an MCU Thunderbolts should be the equivalent of the Dark Avengers. Some either villainous or anti-hero characters brought together to fill the void left by the actual Avengers, perhaps by Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. And maybe they’re used for nefarious purposes, but slowly come around to the idea that they should do more good.

Join me after the jump for my roster for an MCU Thunderbolts.

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My 6 Favorite Villains Turned Heroes

I talk a lot on here about one of my favorite tropes in fiction: the Heel-to-Face Turn. Or, to drop the wrestling parlance, when a bad guy becomes a good guy. I just dig it for some reason. I like the idea that these villains, albeit bad people who do bad things, are still reasonable people who are capable of more than just playing their villainous role. When the chips are down, or when doing the right thing is on the line, these baddies turn out to be alright folk.

Heel Face List 01

The granddaddy of them all!

For counter example, I don’t particularly like the Joker. I know he’s probably the most popular super-villain in all of comics, and people adore this guy, but I just don’t really like him. I don’t like his straight crazy villainy. There’s little complexity to the character. He’s just crazy and he does crazy things; clever crazy things, sure, but still just crazy things. Count me out.

Give me a morally complex figure who can recognize the error of their ways or recognize the need to do the right thing in a given situation. Join me after the jump for my favorite Heel-to-Face Turns in all of fiction!


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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 8/24/13

For the first time in a very long time, DC Comics owns the week! The New 52 comics have been in a downward spiral for me for a long time. But this week, they score a one-two punch of success. For awhile now, I’ve been worried that comics just don’t reach me anymore, that everything is just generic superhero filler, that nobody is trying anymore. But between Batman and Nightwing #23 and Wonder Woman #23, DC shows me twice in one week that somebody still cares. Characters still matter.

There are a lot of good comics this week. Superior Spider-Man puts Phil Urich front and center, so you know I’m happy about that. Avengers and Justice League Dark continue their respective crossovers, though neither one is particularly special. And by popular request, I decided to pick up the latest issue of Thunderbolts to give that another try. Not too shabby. But the week belongs to DC. Wonder Woman easily snatches up another Comic Book of the Week.

Did we know she could go Super Saiyan?

Though Batman and Nightwing (or as it should have been called, Batman and Alfred), isn’t far behind.

Comic Reviews: Avengers #18, Batman and Nightwing #23, Batwoman #23, Justice League Dark #23, Superior Spider-Man #16, Superman Unchained #3, Thunderbolts #14, and Wonder Woman #23.

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Things That Make Me Happy: Action Figures of My Favorite Characters

I’m a pretty big action figure guy. I’ve been that way since I was a kid. They’re one of the purest forms of superhero memorabilia, and I just love collecting them and putting them on display on my Geek Wall…ladies. Anyway, Comic-Con is usually a great place for companies to show off their latest action figures. Comic-Con International was no exception, and I spotted some awesome action figures I’ll want to grab when they go on sale!

Such as Songbird, who recently topped my list for characters who should be Avengers.

She’s big on Twitter

Unfortunately, she’s wearing her crummy new costume, where she looks like some shrill punk rocker. Ugh. Still, Songbird action figure!

Then there’s Boomerang, the star of the new Superior Foes of Spider-Man comic, which I loved.

Boomerangs never go out of style

Fortunately, he’s wearing his awesome new costume! So I’m excited about that. I’ve got to get Boomerang. He’s a must.

And here’s Batroc ze Leaper! He’s going to be appearing in the upcoming Captain America sequel.

The man, the myth, the mustache

Though he probably won’t look quite so ridiculous.

You can check out the full list of new Marvel action figures by clicking here. Sadly, no Multiple Man, yet again.

Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 12/22/12

What the hell, Marvel!? Some of us still have Christmas shopping to do, yet you hit us the week before Christmas with a massive pile of new comics to buy? Jeez louise! Bad enough this is also my heavy DC Comics week too! So let’s just say I bought a ton of comics this week, all so Marvel can be all fancy and only release Amazing Spider-Man #700 next week. Their big marketing scheme is hell on my wallet.¬†At least most of the comics that came out this week were pretty good.

Everything under the sun seemed to come out this week, giving us a wide range of different titles. We’ve got major releases for the Avengers, X-Men and the Fantastic Four, not to mention both X-Force titles. If you’re more into Batman and the Death of the Family story, there are both the Nightwing and Red Hood tie-ins, one of which was good and the other quite bad. So very busy week. And though there were a lot of great titles, I think FF #2 pulls away with Comic Book of the Week. I really think that title is going to live up to its awesome potential.

Comic Reviews: All-New X-Men #4, Avengers #2, Batwoman #15, Cable and X-Force #2, Captain Marvel #8, FF #2, Green Lantern #15, Green Lantern: New Guardians #15, Hawkeye #6, Indestructible Hulk #2, Nightwing #15, Red Hood and the Outlaws #15, Thor: God of Thunder #3, Thunderbolts #2, Uncanny X-Force #35, Wolverine and the X-Men #22, Wonder Woman #15.

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