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There’s Going to Be a Teen Titans Go! Movie!

I love Teen Titans Go! I might be one of those few geeks that like this show more than the original. Teen Titans Go! is hilarious! I don’t know what sort of insanity they’re going to do for a full movie, but I am totally on board.


Gonna see this one in the theaters! And then we’re also supposed to get a live action Teen Titans TV show later this year, as well as the new season of Young Justice. There is so much Robin-based entertainment coming to me this year!


6 Thoughts on Justice League

Just in time for DC to stop caring about a connected cinematic universe comes Justice League, the big screen gathering of some of DC Comics’ greatest superheroes! Coming after the great Wonder Woman solo film and the horrendous Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice team film, Justice League appears to be an attempt to course correct and just make a nice movie for once. I think they succeeded!

JLREviewList 01

Movie Rating: 6/10 – Pretty Good

I liked Justice League better than I expected to. I went in with very low expectations, but had to remind myself in the theater to stop looking for things to dislike and to just sit back and enjoy the film. I’m glad I did.

I don’t know everything about the jumbled creation of this Justice League film, but it’s worth noting that director Zack Snyder had to back out during post-produciton due to a family crisis, and Joss Whedon stepped in to fix it up. I’m still a big Whedon fan, so that was solid news. But there’s also the fact that there were extensive reshoots, a lot of reports of recalibrating the film to be more likable, and the fact that it was originally pitched as a two-parter, but has since been pared down to just the one film. That’s a pretty rocky road to the cinema.

But I’m not one to hold any of that against a film! Join me after the jump for my list-based review of the Justice League movie! Expect FULL SPOILERS! And I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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Calling It: Justice League is Gonna Stink

The first proper trailer for the Justice League movie arrived on Saturday, and while the rest of the Internet seems blown away, I have arrived at one conclusion: this movie is gonna stink.

The trailer looks exactly like Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Heck, this trailer looks worse than the trailers for those movies. I remember being excited about those trailers.

Justice League looks like just another dark, joyless affair. All people seem to care about is seeing their favorite superheroes in cool poses. But as we keep seeing, that doesn’t make for a good movie. Most of this trailer is just the heroes fighting faceless henchmen. We don’t even get a sense of the villains or the story or the scope of anything. It’s all just gray-colored action posing.

There’s one joke at the end, but the comedic timing is way off.

So I’m calling it right now: Justice League is going to be another dreary, poorly paced, over-stylized action movie that does not save the DC Cinematic Universe.


Hey Look, It’s That There Justice League!

A picture of the united Justice League movie team hit the Internet over the weekend, and I’m gonna share it with the lot of you. I’m just that cool of a guy.


Finally, some good Aquaman

Looks like a neat picture, but is, of course, all dark, gritty and really gloomy. This isn’t very heroic-looking at all. But this is going to be our Justice League, so all we can do is hope and wait.



Behold, Our Justice League!

It’s never too soon to start the hype machine, so here is our first ever look at the entire movie Justice League! It’s only concept art for now, but this is it!

Is ‘Dawn’ really the strongest word they could come up with?

The art is to promote an upcoming TV special about building the movie Justice League, which is part of the larger media blitz for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is our first official look at Cyborg and Flash, even if it’s not a very good look. But this could be a lot worse!

Also, now that I think about it, does anybody else find it a little weird that, after the Big Three, the most promoted DC superhero at this point is Aquaman? To be fair, I’m super excited for Jason Momoa’s performance, but still, Aquaman? You’ve got Flash and Cyborg waiting in the wings, but you’re leading with Aquaman?

Just kind of interesting, is all.


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