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Teen Titans Go! and the Awesome Music Video!

I love Teen Titans Go! I know some fans of the original Teen Titans cartoon don’t care for it, but I love it to stinkin’ heck! It’s hilarious, it’s wild, it gleefully trolls those fans and when it goes balls to the wall, they go all the way to the damn wall! Like in this amazing music video!

That’s “The Night Beings to Shine” from Fall Out Boy. I haven’t seen the episodes yet, but apparently the dragon is trying to steal the song, which is Cyborg’s favorite song. And apparently that requires the Titans to go full 80s electric insanity on his dragon butt! I gotta watch those episodes!



My Brain Just Melted

Is anybody watching Teen Titans Go? I check it out from time to time, and I’ll definitely be checking out the new episode! Behold the preview clip that melted my brain!

Man, I love Robin as much as the next guy, so I absolutely loved that clip! Bring on Team Robin!

Wonder Twins to Appear on Teen Titans Go! Because Somebody Up There Likes Me

I haven’t been watching the new Teen Titans Go! cartoon, but clearly I should, because two of my all-time favorite characters are going to make a guest appearance!


The freakin’ Wonder Twins, baby! How cool is that? Somebody out there in TV Land understands the nostalgic fun of the Wonder Twins. If only they’d been allowed to show up on Young Justice while that show was still on the air. No doubt they were saving the Wonder Twins for Season 3.

At any rate, I’m definitely going to have to give this episode a try. It’s called “You’re Fired”, and it’s about the Titans firing Beast Boy and picking up the Wonder Twins to replace him. Sounds like fun to me. There’s also a funny audition sequence, of course.

The episode debuts at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday on Cartoon Network. Be there!

I can only assume some hilarious hijinx have occurred

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