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My 6 Favorite Vampires

You know a joke that I will always find funny? Calling all vampires “draculas”. It’s hilarious to me, for some reason. But despite that, I didn’t make this list my favorite draculas, because there are enough interpretations of Count Dracula in pop culture that that could be its own list somewhere down the line. Instead, this is just a list of my favorite vampires in pop culture.

It’s the role he was staked to play!

The movie Renfield comes out this weekend, and it looks to be a hoot. Nicholas Cage plays Count Dracula…so that’s another reason I probably should have made this list about my favorite draculas! Dammit! I keep messing this up. But it’s too late now. The list is already written. I’ve got all six of my favorite vampires ready to go. Just gotta finish up this opening crawl and we’ll get right to it. And I’m pretty sure only one of the vampires on this list has anything to do with Dracula, so that’s saying something.

Join me after the jump for a list of my favorite vampires in pop culture! And feel free to share your own in the comments below.

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There’s Gonna Be Even More Adventure Time!

Adventure Time may be over, but apparently HBO Max is all about adding a few more adventures with their Distant Lands sequels. I still haven’t watched the BMO movie, but here’s one starring Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum!

Distant Lands: Obsidian will start airing on Nov. 19 and it should be fun in that we can actually enjoy the Marceline/Bubblegum romance instead of it just being something that happened at the end of the show. Depending on how many of these Distant Lands bits we get, I’ll definitely have to binge them all in a weekend some day.


6 Cartoon Couples Allowed to be Queer at the Very End

So this is a thing. And it’s surprised me that I’ve been able to find six examples to make this list. But the series finale of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power provided the last piece of the puzzle and I finally finished this article. It’s a sign of the times. There have been multiple instances where a cartoon show’s series finale finally allows certain characters to come out of the closet and be true to their gay, lesbian and/or bisexual selves.

I think it’s great! But it’s still weird that it’s only allowed to happen in the series finale, right?

Gay at End List 01

Give us some series premiere action!

Some day, we are going to get a show where the main character and their love interest are both openly queer. Or are both somewhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. It’s gonna happen. Some day we’re going to get a lesbian Disney Princess. Some day, a big fancy company is going to purchase the rights to my own self-published queer comic, Gamer Girl & Vixen, and turn it into a popular, award-winning show! And no, that’s not the only reason I’m doing this list! I just wanted to shamelessly self-promote for a little bit.

Join me after the jump for the phenomenon that is LGBTQ+ cartoon couples allowed to come out and be proud at the very, very, very end of the series. SPOILERS for the end of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

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There’s Going to be More Adventure Time, Apparently!

Adventure Time was an amazing show with an even more amazing series finale! I finally got around to watching the end only a couple months ago, and it was phenomenal! But, apparently, that’s not going to be the end, because the new HBO streaming service needs content! So there’s going to be a BMO TV movie!

Looks like fun! Seems to have the same spirit as Adventure Time, especially BMO, who everybody loves! And perhaps this will lead to more Distant Lands TV movies down the line. I have no problem with Adventure Time stories continuing. If they have good ideas and can put good work behind it, I say bring it on!


There’s a New Pendleton Ward Cartoon Called The Midnight Gospel!

Pendleton Ward is the genius creator behind Adventure Time, so he’s got a good reputation for quality cartoons, as far as I’m concerned. Little did I know, he has a new series out on Netflix called The Midnight Gospel! It came out yesterday!

I was vaguely aware of The Midnight Gospel, but I hadn’t explored the show because it looked a little too weird to me. It still looks too weird for my tastes. I’m not one for trippy, dream-sequence television. But Pendleton Ward has more than earned my trust when it comes to making shows that matter, so I’mma gonna check it out and see if it’s any good! I suggest you do the same.


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