My 6 Favorite Vampires

You know a joke that I will always find funny? Calling all vampires “draculas”. It’s hilarious to me, for some reason. But despite that, I didn’t make this list my favorite draculas, because there are enough interpretations of Count Dracula in pop culture that that could be its own list somewhere down the line. Instead, this is just a list of my favorite vampires in pop culture.

It’s the role he was staked to play!

The movie Renfield comes out this weekend, and it looks to be a hoot. Nicholas Cage plays Count Dracula…so that’s another reason I probably should have made this list about my favorite draculas! Dammit! I keep messing this up. But it’s too late now. The list is already written. I’ve got all six of my favorite vampires ready to go. Just gotta finish up this opening crawl and we’ll get right to it. And I’m pretty sure only one of the vampires on this list has anything to do with Dracula, so that’s saying something.

Join me after the jump for a list of my favorite vampires in pop culture! And feel free to share your own in the comments below.

6. Grandpa Simpson

Watch out, Bart!

Remember that Treehouse of Horrors episode where Bart became a vampire? That was great! Who was the best vampire in that episode? Grandpa Simpson, who was the head vampire! And he had denture fangs! Ha, that was a hoot. A seminal point in vampire comedy, to be sure.

5. Laszlo Cravensworth

Just a regular human bartender

Speaking of vampire comedy, the TV show What We Do In the Shadows is damn good stuff! As is Laszlo, the funniest of the main vampire trio. Mostly I just love the Jackie Daytona persona. That episode was funny as hell, and instantly raised Laszlo’s profile as funniest vampire on the show. Matt Berry is doing career work on this show and hopefully he has a big, awesome career after this.

4. Count Duckula

This takes me back

Count Duckula was one of those weird, imported cartoons like Danger Mouse and Inspector Gadget that I watched a bunch as a kid. It’s a duck who is a dracula, but something went wrong in his latest resurrection and he is a vegetarian, and he wants to become rich and famous. Typical 1980s cartoon silliness. But I loved it as a kid and will always have a special place in my heart for Count Duckula!

3. Spike

He made it work

I have never seen the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show. It’s maddening. I probably would have loved it! I was fully aware of the show and the characters, enough so that when I saw ads that Spike was joining the Angel spin-off show, that was enough to get me to watch. So my first introduction to the Buffyverse was season 5 of Angel, which was also the end of the Buffyverse. Weird. Anyway, that fifth season of Angel was a masterpiece and Spike was great.

2. Marceline the Vampire Queen

Rock is immortal

Adventure Time is an amazing television show, and Marceline the Vampire Queen is probably the coolest character in the show. She starts off as cool and aloof, but the show adds so much depth and adventure to her character. It was super fun to watch and enjoy, and it’s always nice to see a good guy vampire.

1. Raziel

Reave some souls

The Soul Reaver games on the original Playstation were cool as well, and I’m sad we don’t have more. I can still remember taking Raziel out for my first spin on a demo disk way back in the day, and then grabbing all the games he appeared in afterwards. He could shift between plans, float on his little wings, and…did she suck things up like Kirby? I can’t remember. It’s been so long since we’ve had a Raziel game! I need more! I hunger!



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