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Some Quality TV Shows Are Coming Back

It’s Friday. The weekend is almost upon us. Sometimes you just wanna be able to be calm and ease into not having to do anything. So with that in mind, how about some simple yet enjoyable TV show trailers?

Solar Opposites is a fun cartoon. All those aliens having wacky adventures and being irreverent. I know I enjoy the show.

Solar Opposites is coming back to Hulu on July 13.

Then we’ve got What We Do In The Shadows, which is always funny and always enjoyable. Last season left off with some pretty great cliffhangers, so we’ll see how those play out.

What We Do In The Shadows returns to FX on July 12.


Speaking of Fun Trailers, Here’s One About Vampires!

This trailer came out a couple weeks ago and I was sitting on it until I needed something for a random Tuesday! Those random Tuesdays will surprise you. It’s the first trailer for the TV show version of What We Do In The Shadows! Looks hilarious!

The movie is great. It’s one of Taika Waititi’s films before he made Thor: Ragnarok and became a proper superstar. I recommend the film, and I can’t wait for the TV show!


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