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Nintendo is Getting In On The Kitty Cat Video Game Scene

I still need to play Stray. A video game where you’re an adorable cat wandering through a city? That just seems like fun! Plus I spent all that money on a Playstation 5. But before I even get to that, how about this new game from Nintendo: Little Kitty, Big City.

Seems like Nintendo took the idea of Stray and its popularity and turned it into a sandbox game. Seems like a winning strategy to me! And this seems like a really cool game to me. It’s adorable, it’s open, it’s Nintendo; I spent all that money on the Switch, after all. Might as well try Little Kitty, Big City. It comes out…next year! Oh, I’ll probably get to Stray before that.


Tears of the Kingdom is a Day One Buy For Me

I am going to buy Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on the day it comes out. I own a Nintendo Switch, the first Nintendo console I’ve ever owned — not counting the handhelds. I very much enjoyed Breath of the Wild, the first ever Zelda game I really played. And I’ve even taken the week after May 12 off from work so that I’ll have plenty of time to play Tears of the Kingdom.

Mostly I wanted to take a vacation in the spring, and the timing just worked out for Tears of the Kingdom.

The game looks great. Some people might complain that it’s just a Breath of the Wild expansion pack, but I do not care. Breath of the Wild was an amazing game with an amazing game world and amazing game mechanics. If they want to just expand upon that with all new adventures and stuff to do, that’s perfectly fine with me. I am not someone constantly chasing new graphical improvements. Give me more of the same, with some tweaks and upgrades and bonus stuff, and I’ll be a happy camper. It’s like the Miles Morales sequel to the PS4 Spider-Man game. Same Manhattan, same Spidey awesomeness, but just different enough to be new and cool.

So I am fully on board for having a week off from work to play through Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, coming May 12.


My 6 Favorite Super Mario Power-Ups

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is here and it’s hopefully fun! I’ll be going to see it tonight after work and I have high hopes. It looks colorful and wonderful and full of energy and character. Will Chris Pratt’s voice be as bad as we’re all fearing? Will this kick off a whole new cinematic universe? The only way we’re going to know for sure is to get out and watch the film. And write Mario-themed listicles, of course.

Mario loves eating big mushrooms

It’s a simple list this week. I already did a list for what characters I want to see show up in a post-credits scene. I’m hoping at least one of those comes true and blows my little mind. So how about a nice, easy list of my favorite power-ups in the entire Mario Bros. franchise? Everybody loves power-ups! And surely everybody has their favorites! This isn’t a comprehensive list of the objectively best power-ups of all time. Nope! This is all about me and my personal tastes in power-ups, and a trip down my own personal Mario memory lane. I’ve been playing these games since the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES, so I’ve seen almost everything!

Join me after the jump for my favorite Super Mario power-ups! And feel free to share your own in the comments below!

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is Coming Sooner Than I Thought

I enjoyed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order as much as the next gamer. And now we’ve got the sequel coming in only a month! Who knew it was coming so soon? Probably everybody. They put out these release dates way ahead of time. I guess I’ve just been too blinded looking forward to that new Zelda game in May. I’ll probably definitely get and play Survivor when it comes out. I’ve got to continuously justify splurging on this Playstation 5, after all.

Looks like fun. I still don’t care about Cal Kestis. People really love this guy, but he’s just a video game protagonist to me. And it looks like he’s getting up to all sorts of new mischief. Two lightsabers?! I think I played the first game on my PS4. I wonder if my PS5 can somehow read my saved games from my previous console to port over the lightsaber I designed. Or maybe we’ll all just design new lightsabers from scratch.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor comes out on April 28!


Ride Shiny and Bonkers on the Rainbow Road!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is on its way and they’ve treated us to one last trail ahead of the big premiere. This one is really bonkers, throwing all sorts of Mario stuff at the screen, from power-ups to the glory of Mario Kart. Clearly the filmmakers just wanted to pack as much Mario as possible into their Mario movie. Sounds fun to me!

Short, sweet, and still full of bad voice acting. This is the first time we’re hearing Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong and…it’s just Seth Rogen. And Chris Pratt’s Mario remains terrible. Alas. But I’m hopefully going to be able to put that aside to just enjoy a wild and crazy Super Mario Bros. Movie. Bring it all on!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie comes to theaters on April 5.


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