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Check Out This Sweet Dragonball Z Fan Animation

The internet gives us many things. Some good, some really bad. But sometimes you stumble upon a really awesome Dragonball Z fan animation by the good folks at Studio Stray Dog.

I like Dragonball Z as much as the next person, and this video is cool as heck! That is some smooth and gorgeous animation. Some great voices. And some really awesome interpretations of classic DBZ characters. This is everything one could want in a fan video. Kudos to the whole team at Studio Stray Dog!


Sad News: DBZ Abridged is Over

Sad news, everybody! The amazing YouTube show Dragonball Z Abridged is over. The creators have decided to call it quits after more than a decade of possibly the greatest parody/homage show of all time.

Seriously. Dragonball Z Abridged is better than Dragonball Z.

I’ve been a fan of the fan-made show for almost all of these 10 years, and it’s sad to see it come to an end. But honestly, the end has come righteously. You can really feel the sadness in the two guys as they explain what happened. They created a masterpiece to be proud of, and to take it this far, that’s a real achievement. So my hat will always be off to them!

Here’s hoping the rest of the Team Four Star output is good! I enjoyed their Let’s Play of Fallout 4 a couple years ago! So at least there’s that.

Also, be sure to binge watch the entirety of DBZA whenever you want!


I Told You I Was on a Dragonball Z Kick

Thankfully, the Internet is never short on awesome DBZ stuff! The above short video was made by Jordan Tseng and is all manner of awesome. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, if I had that kind of stop motion animation ability, I would…hopefully have an awesome job these days. Or at the very least, I could make some original content. That would be gnarly and cool!


My 6 Favorite Dragonball Z Characters

I have been on a real Dragonball Z kick recently. It owes a lot to the fact that I’m currently a master fighter in the new video game Dragonball Xenoverse! The game is a fast-paced, energy-blasting, butt-whooping battle game featuring not only a wealth of DBZ characters, but also my own original create-a-character! I love create-a-character modes in video games, especially unique games like Xenoverse.

The excitement of going Super Saiyan with my own original character is pretty awesome.

One of these things

Of course, playing a DBZ video game got me back into watching the DBZ cartoon, because I haven’t actually seen the whole thing. My brother got me into DBZ back in high school, and I started watching week days after school during the Cell Saga. Since then, I’ve gone back and watched all of the earlier episodes, but until this month, I had never seen a single episode of the show’s climactic Buu Saga! Consider that rectified!

To celebrate my utterly random re-interest in Dragonball Z, I decided to make this week’s List of Six about all of my favorite characters! And feel free to bask in the nostalgia and share some of your own in the comments!

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Behold the Behemoth That is Everything Wrong with Dragonball Evolution!

For some reason, I remember liking Dragonball Evolution well enough when I saw it, but I don’t remember why. At any rate, I hope you have 20 minutes to spare!

Rewatching the movie through Cinema Sins, it clearly looks terrible. The white guy as Goku looks incredibly out of place. And poor James Marsters…

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