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I Dunno, Eternals Honest Trailer

This has been one heck of a boring week. Work is work, life is life, and there just hasn’t been much to share online. So what the heck, let’s watch the Honest Trailer for Eternals.

And that was all in good fun. I actually enjoyed Eternals quite a bit and would love to see a sequel. But there’s also nothing wrong with poking a bit of fun at the whole thing. At least it gets us through a Friday.

Now to spend the rest of my day debating on whether or not to treat myself to Pokemon Legends: Arceus.


6 Thoughts on Eternals (Review)

Marvel superhero content is a never-ending stream of movies and TV shows these days, and here comes another one. I have always been very hesitant about Eternals. They’re a pretty unpopular and uninteresting faction in the comics, so why make a movie about them? But then who am I to question the mighty minds of Marvel Studios?

Movie Rating: 7/10 – Good

Eternals is infamous now as being the only movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I don’t put any stock into that website, so it means nothing to me. I was always going to see Eternals in the theater as soon as possible and I did. And enjoyed the movie. I saw no real, major problems with the film, definitely not to the degree of the drubbing its getting. But this is a weird world we live in. And Spider-Man: No Way Home is only a month away.

Join me after the jump for my thoughts and review of Eternals. Expect FULL SPOILERS for the movie. And feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments.

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Let’s Take a Big, Long Look at the Eternals This Time!

A new trailer for Eternals has arrived and it’s pretty crazy. This one really dives deep into what these characters can do and what they’re all about. And it’s all big and cosmic and crazy, with monsters and powers and explanations.

Personally, I don’t need every facet of this movie to explain why they didn’t help against Thanos. But then I’m not one of those people who demands to know why the other Avengers don’t lend a hand in the various solo movies. Just watch the dang film in front of you. Do you help out every single time every one of your friends needs help moving?

Anyway, this looks solid. Part of me is worried that it’s still too big and too crazy to land with audiences. And this trailer does a lot to reference other parts of the Marvel Universe, which makes me think Disney is a little worried as well. It’s like they feel the need to reinforce it’s connections to the MCU to make sure people see it.

I guess we’ll find out when Eternals arrives in theaters on Nov. 5!


6 Things I Want to See in the Eternals Movie

The first trailer for Marvel’s Eternals movie came out this week and it was neat! Like all Marvel movies, I’m excited for Eternals coming out in November. But unlike all other Marvel movies, I have no idea what to expect. I’m a lifelong comic book fan, but even I don’t know all that much about the Eternals. I don’t know if I’ve ever even read an Eternals comic.

I know none of their names

Still, I have full faith in Marvel Studios and director Chloe Zhao to pull this off. Marvel knows how to make a great movie, and I’m confident they can make one out of Eternals. And if they haven’t finished already, I have my usual list of things I’d like to see in the movie. Though I’ll admit this list is probably a little sparse. I have no idea what to want or expect from an Eternals movie.

But let’s give it a shot anyway! Join me after the jump!

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How About the First Eternals Trailer?!

And here I thought it was going to be a pretty chill Monday. Nope! Marvel released the first teaser trailer for The Eternals today and it’s something else! I still have no idea what to make of this movie. What the heck is this going to be?

Jeez louis, that’s just neat. I like the song choice. The trailer explains what The Eternals are and what we might be dealing with. And it’s a teaser, so no real plot details yet. But I just don’t know what to make of this movie. I have complete and utter faith in Marvel to pull this off. But man, The Eternals are out there, even for me!

The Eternals arrives in theaters in November!


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