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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 6/8/19

You know what’s sad? I was so disinterested in Dark Phoenix, the end of the X-Men movie franchise as we know it, that I didn’t even bother to come up with an X-Men-themed List of Six this week. That’s how little this movie matters. I’m going to see it this afternoon.

I don’t even have any X-Men comics on my review pile this week. I’ve got Batman, War of the Realms and the new Black Cat comic, but not a lick of X-Men. Oh well. Comic Book of the Week goes to a lesser issue of The Green Lantern, but pickings were slim.

GL Catch of the Day 01

Proper use of phenomenal cosmic power ring

Meanwhile, I’m skipping a bunch of War of the Realms tie-ins in regular ongoing series, from Iron Man to Fantastic Four. The main series hasn’t excited me enough to bother with the tie-ins. And the new issue of Young Justice was painfully uninteresting, so I scratched it off my list too. So…I really need to find new comics that I actually enjoy reading.

Comic Reviews: Batman #72, Black Cat #1, The Green Lantern #8, and The War of the Realms #5.

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Jessica Jones is Back for One More Go!

The last of the great Netflix Defenders shows arrives next weekend: Jessica Jones season 3! It’s sad to see these shows go…even if they didn’t turn out all that great. I especially disliked season 2 of Jessica Jones, so we’ll see how season 3 turns out.

Here’s the trailer:

Looks good at the moment! Who’s that villain, you wonder? He’s none other than Foolkiller!

Not familiar with Foolkiller? Then allow me to share with you how I first learned of Foolkiller: classic Marvel trading cards from the early 90s!

Foolkiller Card 01

He’s undefeated against fools!

I think Jessica Jones is in big trouble! The character, not the show. The show’s already cancelled after this.


Gay Quasar is Alive!

Sorry for the bluntness of that title, but it is Pride Month and I wanted to catch everybody’s attention. A couple of years ago, Marvel introduced a new Quasar, Avril Kincaid. I didn’t think much about her because I’ve never thought much about Quasar at all. Avril is gay, which is great for diversity in comics and representation…but then Marvel went and killed her in one of their big Events. Granted, I think she was created to be killed in that moment, since she wasn’t around very long and the same creators were involved.

Avril is Alive 03

Heroic sacrifice

I became interested in Avril when I did a List of Six looking at what LGBTQ+ characters could star in their own solo superhero movies. Honestly, there aren’t many stand alone gay characters in comics…and I settled on Avril as Quasar being Marvel’s best bet. Since then, I’ve been particularly interested in the character…so it’s a shame she’s dead.

Until this week’s Guardians of the Galaxy Annual, wherein classic Quasar Wendell Vaughn reveals that she’s alive!

Avril is Alive 02

Nobody cares about Wendell Vaughn

So neat! A new and potentially prominent solo lesbian superhero could come back to comics soon after a disappointing “death”. Seriously, there are not many stand alone queer superheroes out there. Most of them are members of a team, like the various gay X-Men, or they’re a package deal with their significant other, like Hulkling and Wiccan. If we want an LGBTQ+ superhero to have as important and prominent solo superhero film as all these other characters, I think lesbian Quasar Avril Kincaid is Marvel’s best bet, so I’m glad she could come back.


Top 6 “White” Superheroes

Sometimes I think I’m more clever than I really am. I’ve been doing a color-theme List of Six series for a while now for a reason, and I think I’ve finally decided to drop the other shoe. I can’t be afraid. But we’re not there yet. Almost.

First, we need to look at the best superheroes with the color “white” in their name.


White List 08

We all know the color white

It’s an odd phenomenon. Take a random thing and slap a color to it and you’ve got a superhero name. I’ve done a Red List, a Blue List, a Green List, a Silver List and a Gold List so far. And I’ve got a point to make, I assure you. I think we’ll get to it next time!

But for now, join me after the jump for the six neatest “White” comic book characters! And before anybody points it out in the comments, I am not including the White Queen from the X-Men because that was more of a title within the Hellfire Club, and Emma Frost hasn’t used that name for a long time. At least that’s my reasoning and I’m sticking to it!

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 6/1/19

This was the week that DC Comics upended their entire comics line with a bunch of stuff! Doomsday Clock! The Last Knight on Earth! Leviathan Rising! And I read none of it. I wonder if that makes me a bad comic book fan…

I did read a bunch of other relatively enjoyable comics — though the latest and last issue of X-23 has made an enemy for life. Beyond that, the Comic Book of the Week was the new issue of Giant-Man! Leah Williams is doing everything right in my eyes in all of her comics.

Giants Mission Sucks 01

Not all superheroics are glamorous

Meanwhile, speaking of Leah Williams, X-Tremists had another strong issue as it starts to delve into the erasure of homosexual feelings in the Age of X-Man…Except that I guess the whole overall world starts to fall apart at the end of the issue, so this whole crossover is coming to an end before Leah Williams will get much of a chance to really play in the space. I know Jonathan Hickman is coming back to remake the X-Men from top to bottom, but surely Marvel can make room for a Leah Williams’ solo Blob comic…

Comic Reviews: Giant-Man #2, Heroes in Crisis #9, Magnificent Ms. Marvel #3 and X-23 #12. 

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