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The Top 6 Reptile Superheroes

Animals are at the heart of all superheroes. Two of the most popular superheroes of all time — Batman and Spider-Man — are just dudes with animal themes. And I’ve made it my mission to explore some of the rare and obscure animal themes in comics. This time we’re going to look at the wild world of reptiles!

Reptile List 08

A fine example

I’ve already explored birds, dinosaurs, dogs, pigs and frogs, among others. But how about reptiles? People are terrified of reptiles! Snakes and lizards and other green, scaly things are pretty ooky! But why aren’t there more reptile-based comic book characters? Would it really be so weird? Why do Batman and Spider-Man get a pass?

Join me after the jump for the six best comic book characters patterned after reptiles!

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 9/7/18

If you’re reading this, I’m probably on the road! Got a long drive today to a cousin’s wedding down in Maryland. Hopefully it’s neat! Then a long drive back home tomorrow. Fortunately, had some good comics this week to sustain my imagination,

We got two doses of FF this week, with both Fantastic Four and Future Foundation! The latter was less than stellar, while the former won Comic Book of the Week for it’s nifty premise!

Fantastic Foru Crew Up 01

It’s like 1961 all over again!

Meanwhile, the second issue of the Scream mini-series shows us that Scream could be her own self again, that she’s not just Carnage’s puppet. That gives me hope for her upcoming solo series. And while the new Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy mini-series has a fun first issue, it was too bland to dig into it with a proper review.

In other random news, I finally finished off Kurtis Wiebe’s run on Rat Queens. It’s a bit of a rushed ending, but still good stuff. It’s a great comic overall if you’re ever looking for something to read. Maybe I’ll do a larger article on Rat Queens one of these days…

Comic Reviews: Fantastic Four #14, Future Foundation #2, The Green Lantern #11, House of X #4 and Lois Lane #3. 

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6 Comic Super-Villains I Want to Get Solo Movies

It’s my birthday this week (Friday) and so I have decided to do a List of Six that is pure, unadulterated wish fulfillment. I was struggling to come up with a topic that wasn’t just me gushing about how much I love the Green Ranger or Multiple Man. But after hearing about all the positive early reactions to the upcoming Joker movie, I’ve decided to just gush about my favorite comic book super-villains.

Solo Villain Movie List 01

Why so serious?

I don’t have any interest in the Joker movie. I’ll go see it, and maybe it’ll be good. But I’ve never cared for the Joker as a character, and I don’t like the attitude surrounding this movie. I am an avowed Marvel fanboy, but this isn’t a Marvel vs. DC thing to me. I’ll gladly watch DC superhero movies and hope they’ll be good. But the buzz around the Joker feels, to me, like people are going to crow that DC can make smart, high brow movies while Marvel is stuck making entertaining blockbusters, and that’s just silly.

Joker also seems to exist to spite traditional superhero movies. Mark Maron seems like a really funny guy — he’s great on GLOW — but I don’t need Mark Maron telling me it’s not proper to love the hell out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

All that being ranted, join me after the jump for six comic book villains who I think could and should get their own solo movie. Morbius definitely wouldn’t be on my list.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 8/31/19

Vacation! All I ever wanted! I’m on break from work for the next week and will be heading to a cousin’s wedding in Ocean City, Maryland next weekend. Anybody have any good memories of the place? I’ll still post throughout the week, though, because I’m mostly staying home for my week off. Should be great.

Plenty of good comics this week, from House of X to Power Rangers to the last regular issue in Jason Aaron’s now-legendary Thor run. But Comic Book of the Week goes to the new issue of Runaways for just a delightful issue about teenage crimefighting.

Karo Nico Fries 01

Costumes look great!

Meanwhile, Absolute Carnage is still a pretty cool comic. The second issue is more subdued than the first, but still a quality read. The tie-ins are OK so far. It’s fun seeing the Life Foundation symbiotes active again. Maybe we’ll get a new Hybrid out of this…

Comic Reviews: Captain America #13, House of X #3, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #42, Runaways #24 and Thor #16.

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Next Up is How Spider-Man: Far From Home Should Have Ended!

The marathon of fun YouTube videos continues today with a How It Should Have Ended, this time tackling Spider-Man: Far From Home! And they really have some funny alternate endings this time, which is always a plus.

Fun times! I love it best when this channel sticks to its chosen path. I love it best when this channel stays in their lane! That’s right, I said it. You chose your gimmick, you’re stuck with your gimmick!


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