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Buncha New DC Comics

DC Comics announced an octet of new comics yesterday, due to come out in October. They are Poison Ivy, Metamorpho, Raven, Metal Men, Katana, Firestorm, Sugar & Spike and Swamp Thing, by a variety of creative teams. The announcement was made at USA Today.

Stop trying to make the Metal Men happen, they’re not going to happen

I’m sorry to say that they’re all mostly uninteresting to me. I think I’ll definitely check out that Poison Ivy series, but the rest of them are not characters I care about. Heck, I prefer the new Element Woman over Metamorpho! Her superhero career was woefully short-lived. And this’ll be the second time DC has tried comics about Katana, Firestorm and Swamp Thing since the start of the New 52. Can’t keep certain characters down, I suppose.

Someday I hope to be in a position where I can pitch character-focused mini-series to a place like DC. I have tons of ideas for the Wonder Twins!


Legends of Tomorrow: And Just Like That, Nothing is Ever the Same Again

One day after the Supergirl trailer hits, we’ve got our first full look at Legends of Tomorrow, the oddly not-named Justice League show spinning out of Arrow and The Flash. This is a real trailer, more than three minutes long, showing everybody in action against the forces of Vandal Savage.

I don’t think television is ever going to be the same again.

I mean, come on! This is a full-on superhero team TV show, featuring time travel, the Atom, resurrections, big fights, Firestorm; this is insane, right? This can’t really be happening? This can’t really be a real TV show that we all get to watch and enjoy?

Granted, it looks cheesy as hell, but they’re making cheesy work on The Flash. I don’t see any reason why this can’t be as amazing as we all want it to be. I even have some ideas!

Though I still want to know how they justify not having the Flash or Green Arrow on the team.


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