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Voltron Ends Today!

The final season of Voltron: Legendary Defender dropped on Netflix today, and you best believe I’ll be binging it this weekend! Get hype, people! How about a final trailer?

It’s more moody than anything, but  hey, Voltron hype is real! And if you’ve been holding off all this time, here’s your chance to watch the whole darn thing in one sitting! Good luck with that.



6 80s Cartoons That Still Need to be Rebooted

I started watching the new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power cartoon on Netflix this past week and I’m already in love! We have genius showrunner Noelle Stevenson to thank for that, creator of the beloved Lumberjanes. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power hits all the sweet spots that I love in modern day cartoons, with deft attention paid to characters, story, lore and world-building.

80s Reboot List 01

Watch it immediately

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is only the latest in a long line of cartoon reboots of 1980s classics. There’s a new DuckTales, a new My Little Pony, a new Voltron, a new Inspector Gadget, a new Danger Mouse, and the unending lines of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers reboots. There was an old Thundercats reboot and a new one coming up. We’ve also got new Care Bears on the horizon. The 80s are ripe for nostalgia reboots!

So what’s left? And what do I want to see? Join me after the jump for six suggestions!

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We’re Getting More Young Justice!

Young Justice: Outsiders is coming soon to Netflix. This is one of those magical moments, where fan love caused a cancelled cartoon to come back from the dead. Let’s hope it’s awesome!

Personally, if my memory is correct, I was mostly cool with Young Justice. I can’t remember what it was about the show that bugged me…oh wait, turns out I wrote that article two years ago! There we go, that sums it up nicely. I look forward to the return of the show!

And I still hope they include the Wonder Twins.


My 6 Favorite “Sixth” Members

The Green Ranger is the best Power Ranger. It’s indisputable. He was the coolest, had the best costume and was just plain awesome. And ever since I saw him karate kick his way onto my weekday afternoon television screen, I have loved the “Sixth” Member of teams. On TV Tropes, this trope is actually called the “Sixth Ranger” specifically because of the Green Ranger, but I didn’t want anybody to think this was a list only about sixth Power Rangers.

Sixth Ranger List 01

I know this is the Gold Ranger, but he’s a strong runner-up

The trope is that you take an established group or team of characters, and then some time later, you add an extra member to the roster. Sometimes it’s a bad guy turned good. Sometimes it’s a new member. Sometimes it’s just a hanger-on. But whatever the case, this is one of my favorite character tropes and I wanted to share!

So join me after the jump for some of my favorite fictional characters, almost entirely because they’re the “Sixth” member of an established group. It’s a pretty reliable thing for me.

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The Live Action Lion Thing is Going to Be a Thing!

I guess we can’t really call it ‘live action’, considering there won’t be any people and it’s all animated. So…the realistically animated Lion King? Yeah, that sounds good. Teaser trailer incoming!

Looks neat! It’s just a teaser trailer, so we didn’t get to see everybody. But the animation looks pretty amazing!


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