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OnlyLeigh is Alive!

OnlyLeigh is a web cartoonist I really like, but she’s been pretty silent on the creative front for a couple of years now. I get it. Life happens. Well she just came out with a new cartoon and you best believe I’m gonna share it with all you fine folks.

There is much I don’t know about the creative world. I’m a writer, and we’ve had word processing software for a millennia now. So I don’t understand art. Thankfully, we’ve got tutorials like this one to help us all creative better cartoons! Welcome back, OnlyLeigh. Here’s hoping for more cartoons ahead!


There’s Gonna Be More Vox Machina!

I am not a Critical Role junkie, but I am very familiar with their work and really enjoyed the first season of The Legend of Vox Machina. So hoorays all around for the fact that we’re going to get a second season already! Sometimes it feels like years between TV seasons these days. But these animation boys and girls have whipped this one together for the new year!

Looks like fun! Personally, I think I’m a bigger fan of the Mighty Nein, and I hope we get to see them in animation someday. But The Legend of Vox Machina is good enough for this weary, old, cartoon-loving soul.

Check out the new season on Amazon Prime in January.


Let’s Go Across the Spider-Verse!

This trailer came out a couple of days ago, but I’ve been having an off week. Just not feeling it. But hey, at least this trailer is pretty cool. We get a big, fun look at a Spider-Verse full of Spider-People! That counts for a lot.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is a hugely anticipated movie, by me and pretty much everybody else. Can it live up to the excitement of the first film? You’re damn right it can, and I really hope it does! I want a sequel that’s bigger and better! I know it can be done! We don’t have much on the story yet, or any really stand out new characters — and no sign of the Spot. But i know this one is gonna be a banger!

Across the Spider-Verse comes out in June.


How About an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Cartoon?

It’s Monday morning. It snowed a ton over the weekend and I’m dreading having to go out and wiping down my car to get to work. Man. What the heck? So let’s keep things simple and easy this morning by sharing an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit the cartoon. It’s the first Disney-produced Oswald cartoon in, like, 95 years. So that’s something!

Pretty fun. Some old school, old timey cartooning to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary. I’m down for that sort of thing. The story of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is a pretty fun one. And I think he makes for a really neat character in the modern day context of Disney. So bring on more Oswald stuff!


There’s Gonna Be More Bad Batch

The Bad Batch was a pretty OK cartoon. When it was good, it was good. When it was mediocre, it was really mediocre. But it’s ultimately more Star Wars content, and that’s always fun. I like Star Wars. You like Star Wars. Let the people make their cartoons.

The biggest surprise in the new trailer is the return of Gungi, the wookiee Jedi! He was in an episode or two of The Clone Wars and is notable for having a badass wooden lightsaber. So I guess we have yet another Jedi who survived Order 66. That’s fine, especially if it’s Gungi. He’s a cool dude, and more power to him. Gungi and Omega should make for a fun pairing.

The Bad Batch returns to Disney+ on Jan. 4.


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