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Sonic the Hedgehog Doing a Thing

So I’ve been pretty lost in the drudgery of self-isolation these days. I wake up, work from home for a couple hours, nap on the couch watching YouTube in the afternoon, maybe play a boring video game, watch a show. It’s weird. But I like the idea of still posting on this blog and sharing fun content from around the internet. So here’s How It Should Have Ended: Sonic the Hedgehog.

Fun stuff. These people know what they’re doing and they do it well. I hope quarantine is going well for all these cartoon internet creators. Though they’ve got to be on the verge of running out of new movies to parody…so they’ll probably just go back and find old movies they’ve never done before. There will be no end to the movies to parody!


There’s a New Pendleton Ward Cartoon Called The Midnight Gospel!

Pendleton Ward is the genius creator behind Adventure Time, so he’s got a good reputation for quality cartoons, as far as I’m concerned. Little did I know, he has a new series out on Netflix called The Midnight Gospel! It came out yesterday!

I was vaguely aware of The Midnight Gospel, but I hadn’t explored the show because it looked a little too weird to me. It still looks too weird for my tastes. I’m not one for trippy, dream-sequence television. But Pendleton Ward has more than earned my trust when it comes to making shows that matter, so I’mma gonna check it out and see if it’s any good! I suggest you do the same.


Just a Taste of Belle and Tina Are Time Travelers

Only Leigh continues to work on her original animated series Belle and Tina are Time Travelers, and delivered a quick little revisit the other day. Seeing as how she’s one of my favorite internet creators, I’m gonna share it with you all!

You can watch the first full episode here.

I love her stuff. I still need to subscribe to her Patreon, but then I also still need to start up a Patreon account. There are so many good creators out there I’d like to support.

But what is the Patreon tier for somehow collaborating on an animated Gamer Girl & Vixen short…


SNL Brings In Ninja Turtle Parody Masters!

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live ran an animated segment about the Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was pretty funny. I’m always up for a good TMNT parody.

If you’re like me, a person of refined and excellent taste, then you might notice something strikingly familiar about that segment: it was animated by the same studio that did those classic College Humor Ninja Turtles bits!

Lowbrow Studios has been putting out hilarious video game and pop culture parody videos for years, and their Ninja Turtle segments for College Humor back in the day were amazing!

It’s great to see them getting more renown! According to comments they made on YouTube, they were hired as a third party to do the SNL segment, which is why they weren’t more openly credited. But I can credit their good work all I want!

So spend your quarantine day going down the Lowbrow Studios YouTube rabbit hole and have a good day of it!


Here’s a Couple of Fun TV Show Trailers!

General anxiety in the face of the coronavirus is pretty strong right now. I’m this close to blowing some $400+ dollars on a Nintendo Switch that I don’t need right now. I’m twitching, people! I’m twitching!

So let’s ease the tension with some fun cartoon show trailers! Like, there’s a new Rick and Morty trailer!

Rick and Morty comes back to TV on May 3! The trailer looks great and I am absolutely looking forward to more Rick and Morty. I’m looking forward to more new shows and enjoyable things to do while I’m stuck at home.

Like, how about new episodes of DuckTales?!

Season 3 has already started, with two new episodes this Saturday! Based on that trailer, we’re going to get that Goofy cameo we were promised! So hopefully this will be a good season.

And hopefully I can use it to stave off my growing need to join the Animal Crossing fun that’s sweeping the nation…


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