Top 6 “White” Superheroes

Sometimes I think I’m more clever than I really am. I’ve been doing a color-theme List of Six series for a while now for a reason, and I think I’ve finally decided to drop the other shoe. I can’t be afraid. But we’re not there yet. Almost.

First, we need to look at the best superheroes with the color “white” in their name.


White List 08

We all know the color white

It’s an odd phenomenon. Take a random thing and slap a color to it and you’ve got a superhero name. I’ve done a Red List, a Blue List, a Green List, a Silver List and a Gold List so far. And I’ve got a point to make, I assure you. I think we’ll get to it next time!

But for now, join me after the jump for the six neatest “White” comic book characters! And before anybody points it out in the comments, I am not including the White Queen from the X-Men because that was more of a title within the Hellfire Club, and Emma Frost hasn’t used that name for a long time. At least that’s my reasoning and I’m sticking to it!

6. White Ghost

White List 02

He doesn’t look like a ghost

The White Ghost is Dusan al Ghul, the son of the villainous Ra’s al Ghul. But since Dusan was born an albino, Ra’s rejected him — which sounds like a dumb idea. If you lead a league of colorful assassins, having an albino guy would be a pretty neat gimmick. Sure enough, Dusan used this to become the White Ghost, an assassin with a neat gimmick. After being exiled by his father, Dusan returned to the League of Assassins in disguise, rising through the ranks until he was one of the top guys. Dusan then attempted to kidnap his nephew, Damian Wayne, to be used as a vessel for his father, only for Batman and company to clip that plan in the bud. So Dusan offered his own body, which Ra’s accepted, at long last lamenting that he was never kind to the only offspring that remained loyal.

5. White Feather

White List 03

Are white feathers synonymous with cowardice?

A classic parody character, White Feather was a member of the Inferior Five from DC Comics, a group of silly superheroes who have a modicum of staying power. The Inferior Five were all the children of a more classic and awesome superhero team, the Freedom Brigade. White Feather inherited his father’s skills with a bow and arrow…but not his courage. White Feather was a total coward, both as a civilian and as a superhero.

In a bit of hilarious trivia, someone at DC Comics had the fun idea to create an evil version of the Inferior Five to exist in the actual DC Universe. The Superior Five had parodies of the original parodies, with White Feather’s evil counterpart being Splitshot. That’s good comics, as far as I’m concerned.

4. White Wolf

White List 04

Not Bucky

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bucky is referred to as the “White Wolf” when he goes to Wakanda to recover, but there’s a different White Wolf in the comics. A man named Hunter was orphaned in a plan crash just north of the Wakandan border, and the boy was adopted by King T’Chaka, father to the Black Panther, T’Challa. Hunter was a white guy who suffered the slings and arrows of Wakanda’s dislike of outsiders to become a staunch Wakandan supporter. T’Chaka eventually appointed him as head of the country’s secret police, where he took on the title of White Wolf. From there, he became a pretty typical badass mercenary type, and a grudge developed against T’Challa when he rose to power and disbanded the brutal secret police. Hunter was bitter, but he managed to remain a staunch ally to Wakanda.

Considering those same secret police — the Dogs of War — were mentioned a lot in the Black Panther movie, maybe this Hunter guy will show up in the sequel. Though, again, Bucky already took the name.

3. White Witch

White List 05

Always nice when your hair matches your codename

The White Witch is a member of the Legion of Superheroes at DC Comics. She was an alien from the planet Naltor, where everybody has the power of precognition — except for the White Witch. Her sister, Dream Girl, had this future sight power and joined the Legion first. But White Witch went off to study magic instead and became a powerful elemental sorcerer, who then got to join the Legion because of her awesome magic powers. She had a pretty good Legion career, until the reboots started happening. The Legion of Superheroes was rebooted and altered over and over again, and each time, the White Witch became less and less prominent. Oh well.

2. White Rabbit

White LIst 06

Batman doesn’t have a monopoly on Wonderland-themed villains

White Rabbit is a classic comedy villain in Spider-Man’s extended Rogues Gallery, one of those silly bad guys good for a joke. She was a young wife married off by her family to some rich 80-year-old, but resented being used as a trophy wife. When he died, she took his money and embarked on an exciting life of a gadget-based crime! She based herself off the Alice in Wonderland character, a favorite book from her childhood. White Rabbit really gets around. She’s used willy nilly whenever writers need a funny villain, or someone to fill out a gang shot, or someone in a super-villain prison. She joins one new joke villain team after another, whether its the Menagerie or the the Hateful Hexad. She’s consistently funny, at least.

1. White Tiger

White LIst 07

She needs to fight a villain named ‘Snow Leopard’

There have been several White Tigers at Marvel Comics, some of whom use a magic tiger amulet to get their powers, and some who are just crazy. The first White Tiger, Hector Ayala, got his powers from the amulet and used them to fight street-level crime alongside the likes of Daredevil and Iron Fist — but he died. The second White Tiger was an actual tiger turned into a human by the High Evolutionary, and she also fought street-level crime with the Heroes for Hire — but she went back to being a tiger. The third White Tiger is Kasper Cole, a New York City cop who became the Black Panther for a short while to fight corruption in his department, and who was an ally of the White Wolf. Cole eventually became the White Tiger to ally with Erik Killmonger as part of the ongoing story — then he retired.

The fourth White Tiger was the niece of Hector Ayala, and she inherited his amulets when he died. Angela del Toro became another street-level White Tiger crimefighter, teaming up with Daredevil before being taken over by the Hand. She’s eventually arrested and the amulets go to her younger aunt, Ava Ayala, kid sister to Hector Ayala. Ava is a cool teen hero White Tiger, and even showed up in some Spider-Man cartoons. Ava and Angela eventually fought for the mantle of White Tiger, with Ava winning and freeing her aunt from evil influences. Ava has been the White Tiger ever since! It’s pretty complex.


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