Top 6 “Silver” Superheroes

It’s that time again, henchies! Your favorite game and mine, Color Wheel! In which I knock out a List of Six based on colors, and superheroes who happen to have that color in their name! Because I find it a little silly that comic book characters might randomly throw a color into their name to add some character. This week, it’s silver characters.

Silver List 01

I promise you, this game does have a purpose. Whether or not I have the courage to carry out that purpose is anyone’s guess, down the line. But for now, we’re going to take a look at comic book characters who have the word ‘silver’ in their name and use the color in their theme. We’ve already done a Blue List, a Green List and a Red List. So join me after the jump to check out silver!

Truth is, it’s crunch time for this week’s List of Six and I didn’t have enough time to write up all of my thoughts on the first season of Titans. Expect that list next week, hopefully! It was a really enjoyable show!

6. Silver St. Cloud

Silver List 02

Batman likes a sense of humor

Silver St. Cloud is one of Bruce Wayne’s various paramours, debuting in the late 1970s. Their romance was short-lived, however, but was pretty notable for a lot of reasons. For one, Silver is one of the only romantic partners to discover that Bruce Wayne is Batman. In fact, she recognized him based on his exposed chin! So that does happen! For another, at least according to Wikipedia, Silver St. Cloud was the first acknowledgment in comics that Bruce Wayne does indeed have sex with his partners. Shocking, I know. Silver would later go on to be killed in one of Kevin Smith’s weird comics, but like all of Kevin Smith’s attempts to write comics, it’s best if we just forget it ever happened.

5. Silver Banshee

Silver List 03

Ancient curse involves themed earrings

Silver Banshee is the one character on this list where the silver part seems completely arbitrary. Traditionally a Superman or Supergirl villain, Silver Banshee has had a couple different origins, all of them dating back to some Gaelic curse on her family. It sounds pretty interesting, but after that gets taken care of, she falls into the typical rotation of villains to the Super-characters to face off against. Though she does have a few live action TV credits to her name, on both Smallville and Supergirl. That’s pretty impressive!

4. Silver Samurai

Silver List 04

In more video games than most Marvel characters

The Silver Samurai wears shiny metal armor, so he looks silver! Makes sense to me! Wait, is his armor actually silver? Nah, Wikipedia says it’s a steel alloy. That makes more sense to me. Anyway, the original Silver Samurai was a mutant with the power to wrap a tachyon field around his katana, making it capable of cutting through anything — except Adamantium. He and Wolverine clashed a bunch over the years, along with a couple different heroes. Apparently he was the villain for that Spider-Man/Saturday Night Live crossover issue. Probably had something to do with Belushi.

3. Silver Sable

Silver List 05

Clothes shopping is tough

Silver Sable is a badass mercenary who sometimes teams up with Spider-Man. Her real name is Silver Sablinova, so she’s the second woman on this list with ‘silver’ as a first name. Perhaps if I ever have a daughter…Silver Mills? Maybe. Anyway, Silver Sable kicks butt, takes names and chews bubblegum like the best of Marvel Comics mercenaries. She has a soft spot for Spidey, or he has one for her, and that earned her a major role in the recent Spider-Man video game. She’s also in talks to star in one of those non-Spider-Man movie spin-offs, like Venom and Morbius. Her silver star is definitely on the rise!

2. Quicksilver

Silver List 06

So is he a mutant again yet?

What does the term ‘quicksilver’ have to do with speed? Why was it given to the mutant with super speed? It’s supposed to be another word for the element Mercury, which isn’t necessarily speedy on its own. But it does have the word ‘quick’ in it…so maybe that’s it? Whatever the case, Quicksilver is the not-mutant with super speed who has been both a thorn in the side of the X-Men and an Avenger. He’s got a surly attitude and some fast feet, and he’s the one character who appeared in both the X-Men movies and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is a neat distinction, I think.

1. Silver Surfer

Silver LIst 07

I need to buy the Slott/Allred omnibus

Back when I was a kid, the Silver Surfer was my favorite superhero. He’s just so cool! The Sentinel of the Spaceways! Former herald of Galactus, devourer of worlds! The noble Norrin Radd, who sacrificed himself so that Galactus would spare his planet, eventually becoming the most noble and heroic being in the universe. Oh man, the Silver Surfer is so great. There’s no real telling why Galactus went and made him silver, but he looks damn cool. I love the explanation for why he’s a surfer though: if you can survive in the vacuum of space without the need for a spacesuit or spaceship, like the Silver Surfer, why would you want something complicated for your means of conveyance? Just a flat, simple flying board, giving you an unfettered view of the cosmos.


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  1. The name Quicksilver is a pun, as you said it’s another word for the mercury element, and Mercury is the roman name of the greek god Hermes, the god of messengers who has winged feet and considered the fastest god.

    Also fun fact in the old spanish translation of x-men comics and cartoons he is just outright called “Mercurio” since quicksilver has no translation.

  2. Sean! Uncanny X-Men #11, out this week, features Jamie and Layla, and their baby!

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