Top 6 “Gold” Superheroes

What do you do when you can’t think of a good Pokemon themed List of Six to go along with the release of Detective Pikachu this week? You fall back on one of your own gimmicks and hope it’s good enough! That’s right, everybody! My lack of creative thinking this week has us falling back into the joys of a color theme List!

We did silver superheroes last time, so how about gold?

Gold List 01

I don’t own any gold. It would be nice to be rich, but I’m just a poor blogger and nobody loves me. But I’ve got comic books and I’ve got a bunch of nifty List of Six ideas! Like, isn’t it weird that some superheroes add a color to their code name to make it unique? Happens a lot! There’s my Silver List, my Blue List, my Green List and my Red List! It’s weird how often this happens!

Join me after the jump for the best comic book characters with the word ‘gold’ in their name.

6. Goldbug

Gold List 02

He likes goooold!

Goldbug is a low-level costumed thief at Marvel Comics who is obsessed with gold. He designed his own costume and equipment, including a gun that shoots gold powder that hardens on impact. He fought Luke Cage at first, then fell into the normal rotation of low level crooks. Not very notable, other than being a crook who specifically sought out stealing gold instead of just robbing banks. He eventually tried to join Captain America’s Secret Avengers in opposition to the Superhuman Registration Act, but was shot dead by the Punisher at one of the meetings, because that’s how the Punisher rolls.

5. Goldstar

Gold List 03

The hair is gold too!

Not to spoil the rest of this list, but Goldstar is the twin sister of DC superhero Booster Gold (foreshadowing!). The Goldstar costume and equipment were originally created when Booster Gold’s sponsors wanted to give him a sidekick, but it was only ever used by his personal secretary one time when she needed to help save his life. Then when his twin sister, Michelle, time traveled back to the past to visit Booster, she borrowed the costume and decided to see the world as Goldstar! Then she was killed. Then she was plucked from the time stream moments before her death and allowed to live elsewhere. Then she found out she was supposed to be dead, driving her a bit crazy. Then she was saved by Booster. Then I think she was just forgotten about in one of DC’s various reboots.

4. Golden Girl

Gold List 04

The mid-20th century wasn’t too stylish

Golden Girl is an old timey superhero from the days of World War II. Betsy Ross was an FBI agent and ally of Captain America and Bucky. She was even Steve Rogers’ girlfriend for awhile! Then when Bucky was “killed” and Steve was frozen, Betsy continued aiding the replacement Captain Americas that the government trotted out. When she started helping the third Cap, Jeffrey Mace, he supplied her with a costume and a superhero identity: Golden Girl! She and Mace eventually fell in love, married and retired happily to Florida.

3. Gold

Gold List 05

He knows how much he’s worth

This one is easy enough! Gold is a member of the Metal Men who is an automaton made out of gold. He’s joined by various other metal persons, like Copper, Lead, Iron and Platinum. They were built by Doc Magnus and do basic superhero stuff. Gold was the field leader, because nothing glitters like gold. And I’m pretty sure there’s never been any real character development featuring any of the Metal Men. I’m honestly not sure how this concept has continued for so long. DC once even announced a Metal Men movie! That’s madness! Anyway, one of them is named Gold.

2. Golden Glider

Gold List 06

Notice how she glides!

Golden Glider is a Flash villain with a pair of super ice skates that allow her to skate anywhere, including through the air. She was an Olympics-level figure skater. How she added gold to that ensemble is anyone’s guess. She is both the former girlfriend of fellow Flash villain The Top, and the younger sister of fellow Flash villain Captain Cold. So she was well-connected. Golden Glider blamed the Flash for the Top’s death, leading to her criminal career. Then she herself got killed, and that weighed heavily on Captain Cold. So lots of death and revenge going on in this family. She later showed up alive and well in the New 52 reboot, back to her villainous ways and with weirder new powers. And she even got to appear on the Flash TV show for a bit! Good for her.

1. Booster Gold

Gold List 07

Let’s hope it’s for the better

Now all of that foreshadowing pays off! Booster Gold is the man! He was a washed up football player in the far future who got a job as a janitor at a superhero museum. Deciding to make a better life for himself in the past, he stole a bunch of futuristic technology and equipment and went back in time to the present day to live out his dreams of glory. It mostly worked. He’s been on the Justice League a couple times. He found a best friend. But Booster is mostly seen as a shill and a ham, but that has led to some great stories. Booster Gold has such a uniquely fun origin story. He holds a special place in the world of superheroes, a glittery, golden place!


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