Top 6 “Blue” Superheroes

Wanna have some fun? Everybody wants to have some fun. We’re going to start a new game on List of Six called the Color Wheel. I’m going to scour the world of comic book superheroes and find the best heroes and villains who identify themselves by color. You’ve heard of Green Lantern and Green Arrow, right? It’s kind of like that. For the first Color Wheel List, we’re gonna go blue.

Blue List 01

Why blue? Why not! Everybody likes blue! And there are some surprisingly interesting superheroes and comic book characters out there decked out in the bluest of colors. So without further ablue, join me after the jump!

6. Deep Blue

Blue List 02

Here’s a character you’ve probably never heard of before! Deep Blue is Debbie Perkins, a minor supporting character in Aquaman comics. She showed up in the mid-90s as a blue-skinned, water-breathing undersea hero and mostly had stories about her confused parentage. She’s the daughter of Tsunami, a superhero from the WWII-era All-Star Squadron, and Atlan, the father of Aquaman. So Deep Blue is actually Aquaman’s half-sister! That’s pretty neat. She hasn’t done anything for us lately, though.

5. Blue Marvel

Blue List 03

Blue Marvel is a new creation for Marvel Comics, but he’s one of those characters where they try to retcon history to say he’d always been around. The idea was that Blue Marvel was active in the 1960s, but when people found out he was black, they were too racist to let him continue, so he retired — only to jump back into superheroics in the modern day. Now he’s a member of the Ultimates and everybody regards him with reverence thanks to his historical retcon, but he’s really just another Superman knock-off. He’s kind of like a more successful Sentry.

4. Blue Falcon

Blue List 04

Remember Blue Falcon? Of course you do! This guy, and his trusty robo-dog sidekick Dynomutt, were some classic Hanna Barbera superheroes from way back in the day. I remember them from the Laff-A-Lympics, but apparently they even had their own cartoon in the 70s. Wild, man. Blue Falcon is pretty much just a knock-off of the 60s Batman. He was a rich socialite with a Falcon Signal and a Falcon Cave and Falcon gadgets and you get the idea. Dynomutt was even known as the Dog Wonder. I give them a B- for effort.

3. Blue Lantern

Blue List 05

Everybody’s heard of the Green Lanterns and their magical power rings. Well a couple years ago, the creative types at DC Comics decided to create a whole rainbow of colored Lanterns! Hence the existence of the Blue Lantern Corps, powered by all the Hope in the universe. They’re a bunch of peace-loving space hippies who mostly fill a supporting role in the great Lantern Wars, and that makes them pretty cool, regardless.

2. Blue Devil

Blue List 06

Blue Devil is a pretty fun guy! Dan Cassidy was a Hollywood stunt man who developed a full-bodied Blue Devil costume for a movie — only for the production crew to unleash an ancient demonic curse, getting Cassidy trapped into the costume permanently. His only choice at that point was to go full-on superhero, while trying to free himself from the curse. When he finally did get free of the costume, it resulted in Cassidy simply turning into a blue-skinned demon, so he wasn’t any happier. Still, he gets to hang with superheroes, so that’s gotta be pretty neat.

1. Blue Beetle

Blue List 07

Did you know there have been three Blue Beetles over the years? Who knew such a weird identity could be so popular! It’s not like real beetles are even blue. The first Blue Beetle was Dan Garrett, a rough-and-tumble fella who gained his powers from an ancient scarab in the 1930s. Then came Ted Kord in the 1980s who took the beetle theme and ran with it by creating a bunch of gadgets and weapons, including a giant, beetle-shaped airship to get around. Cool guy. Then in the 2000s, DC Comics wanted to be hip and modern and they created a new, alien-based Blue Beetle named Jaime Reyes.

This character is basically a time capsule, showing off costume designs and character treatments from the Golden Age, the Silver Age and the Modern Age. Not even Batman can boast that!


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