Top 6 “Red” Superheroes

Let’s talk colors! Right now, it’s freezing cold in Upstate New York, and that’s not going to change anytime soon — even though yesterday was the first day of Spring! I could use some heat, so I think I’ll do another color list in flaming hot red!

Red List 02

I like doing themed lists. I had a Blue List and a Green List, and now I want to do a list of all the best comic book characters to have the word ‘Red’ in their superhero name. Because I find it incredibly weird and slightly silly that adding a color as an adjective to a superhero’s name is a legitimate phenomenon. It’s just plain neat how comics work!

Join me after the jump for the coolest, and sometimes the weirdest, red comic book characters.

6. Red Bee

Red List 01

Needs a Hollywood redesign

Just like his namesake, the Red Bee burrowed his way into my brain once upon a time, and now I’ll never forget him. This list may exist purely so that I can tell you about Assistant District Attorney Rick Raleigh, who put on a colorful costume and fought Nazis in the 1940s with a swarm of trained bees. That alone would be pretty funny. But what makes Red Bee especially amazing is that he had a favorite bee — named “Michael” — whom he kept in his belt buckle to call upon for specific missions.

Red List 03

I have been writing this comic book blog for upwards of 7 years. That it has taken me this long to tell you people about Red Bee is shameful. Someone should withdraw my blogging license.

5. Red Mist

Red List 04

Pardon their French

Red Mist is the dirtbag idiot villain of the Kick-Ass comics. He was a bit of a rapist maniac in the comics, and a bit more of a pathetic loser in the movies. Chris Genovese was the son of a mob boss who really, really wanted to mean something to his father, and only when he became a super-villain opponent to Kick-Ass did he ever matter. He’d go on to get really, really weird and dress up in his mother’s gimp suit and rename himself The Motherfucker. Kid had issues.

4. Red Hood

Red List 05

No capes! Just coats!

Depending on which continuity you’re considering, Batman has had roughly four Robins. The first one, Dick Grayson, went on to become Nightwing. The third one, Tim Drake, is the best one (and appears later on this list). The latest one, Damian Wayne, is Batman’s son and is still the current Robin. The second one is the most infamous. Jason Todd was a bit of a jackass and fans responded by voting to have him killed off. Jason stayed dead for a very long time, the death of a Robin weighing heavily on Batman’s psyche. But then DC Comics decided to just bring him back from the dead as the Red Hood, a gun-wielding vigilante who was not afraid to break Batman’s rule and kill people. Batman has since made his peace with Jason and they work together.

3. Red Tornado

Red List 06

I’m sure that cape works just fine in the middle of a tornado

Does anybody care about Red Tornado? He’s half android and half wind god wrapped up in a superhero that nobody cares about. You’d think he would be the Vision equivalent on the Justice League, but that’s already Martian Manhunter. So what is the point of Red Tornado? Continuing stories about how robots can cry and fall in love? Please. Just know that he exists.

2. Red Robin

Red List 07

Best Robin; fight me

I mentioned Tim Drake earlier and now he’s back! Tim Drake is the best Robin. He was the perfect partner to Batman in the 90s and early 00s and made Robin cool again. He’s great! But then DC had the really dumb idea to make Damian Wayne, Batman’s son, a new Robin. With nowhere else to go, Tim decided to just keep being Robin…he’d just add the word ‘Red’ in front of it. He seems to think it’s a legitimate idea and not just being a subtle jab at Damian. I prefer the latter interpretation. Tim remains Batman’s best sidekick.

1. Red Ghost

Red List 08

Presented in context

Stay with me on this one. Remember when I was excited to tell you about Red Bee? Behold the majesty that is Red Ghost! Everything about that picture is accurate. Red Ghost was a Soviet rocket scientist who tried to beat America to the moon and trained three primates to survive in space, subjecting them to all sorts of comic booky experiments. The Red Ghost then launched them all into space to be blasted by the same cosmic rays that gave the Fantastic Four their powers — and he succeeded! The Ghost himself gained the powers of invisibility and intangibility, and each of his primates also gained powers. Then they all fought the Fantastic Four for control of the moon!

Freakin’ comics, man! This all happened in comic books! The world is an OK place sometimes.


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