Gay Quasar is Alive!

Sorry for the bluntness of that title, but it is Pride Month and I wanted to catch everybody’s attention. A couple of years ago, Marvel introduced a new Quasar, Avril Kincaid. I didn’t think much about her because I’ve never thought much about Quasar at all. Avril is gay, which is great for diversity in comics and representation…but then Marvel went and killed her in one of their big Events. Granted, I think she was created to be killed in that moment, since she wasn’t around very long and the same creators were involved.

Avril is Alive 03

Heroic sacrifice

I became interested in Avril when I did a List of Six looking at what LGBTQ+ characters could star in their own solo superhero movies. Honestly, there aren’t many stand alone gay characters in comics…and I settled on Avril as Quasar being Marvel’s best bet. Since then, I’ve been particularly interested in the character…so it’s a shame she’s dead.

Until this week’s Guardians of the Galaxy Annual, wherein classic Quasar Wendell Vaughn reveals that she’s alive!

Avril is Alive 02

Nobody cares about Wendell Vaughn

So neat! A new and potentially prominent solo lesbian superhero could come back to comics soon after a disappointing “death”. Seriously, there are not many stand alone queer superheroes out there. Most of them are members of a team, like the various gay X-Men, or they’re a package deal with their significant other, like Hulkling and Wiccan. If we want an LGBTQ+ superhero to have as important and prominent solo superhero film as all these other characters, I think lesbian Quasar Avril Kincaid is Marvel’s best bet, so I’m glad she could come back.


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