We Can All Breathe a Sigh of Relief, Gizmoduck Will Indeed Be in the New Ducktales Cartoon

If you were anything like me, you were wondering if Gizmoduck would appear in the new Ducktales cartoon. Welp…he will! And he’ll be voiced by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Neat!

Gizmoduck Cartoon 01

Gizmoduck was my favorite character in the original cartoon — because I, uh, like superheroes. So I had my hopes up for the reboot cartoon. This is just a fun bit of confirmation that somethings in this world are A-OK.

Now we just need Darkwing Duck…



I Will Probably Give Black Lightning a Try

I’m going to level with you henchies: I’ve stopped watching the DC superhero shows on The CW. Once upon a time, they were my favorite shows! Arrow was great! But I’ve stopped watching all of them, even The Flash. Especially The Flash. Ugh. I just can’t stand the lunacy anymore.

But hey, maybe I’ll give Black Lightning a try when it comes out.

I’ve got no particular interest in Black Lightning as a character. And I’ve got no reason to believe this show will be any different from the crap shows the others have become. But I’m an open-minded fella.


I Will Probably Give Star Trek: Discovery a Try

I am not a Trekkie. Never have been. There’s nothing wrong with Trekkies, it just wasn’t the geeky fandom I embraced growing up. I’ve never seen the original TV series, though I have marathoned through the various movies — and I’m a big fan of the modern reboot movies.

But I’ll probably give the new TV show Star Trek: Discovery a try, because I’m a big fan of the current crop of prestige TV.

Though I’m a little disappointed that this series will be set before the original. Isn’t that exactly what they did with Enterprise, the last new Star Trek TV show? And didn’t that show flop? What’s the fascination with prequel shows? Why not boldly go into the future?

Also, is this new show set in the continuity of the modern reboot movies? Because that would be neat.

And if Star Trek isn’t your thing, Seth MacFarlane is making a parody show called The Orville. Now this show looks neat.

Maybe I’ll watch them both!


6 Obscure Mutants Who Should Appear on The Gifted

For reasons I do not yet understand, there’s going to be an X-Men TV show that’s not about the X-Men. FOX has gone to all the trouble of bringing the X-Men to TV, but The Gifted won’t actually be about the X-Men. It’s just going to be about random mutants with super powers — so pretty much exactly like the old Mutant X show, or even Heroes. There is no logic in this choice.

But The Gifted is going to feature a couple random X-Men mutants, apparently just for the heck of it.

Gifted List 01

Who thought this was a good title?

The show will feature Polaris and Blink, with full Blink makeup. Among others, I think. It just seems so random! Why not go full X-Men? Or even full Brotherhood? Why not embrace the glorious canon you have at your disposal? Fortunately, there are geeks like me around who have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of obscure mutants.

So let’s just have some pure fandom fun and name the six mutants I would love to see randomly show up on The Gifted! The catch here is that they can’t be main X-Men from the comics or movies.

Read the rest of this entry

Full-On X-Men TV Show Trailer!

The Gifted is a TV show about mutants that involves some fringe X-Men. Why the show isn’t called X-Men: The TV Show is beyond me. Why would you not take every possible opportunity to get as big an audience as you could? “The Gifted” doesn’t sound like anything.

The trailer does nothing for me. Why not fully embrace the fact that this is an X-Men show? Why not just go for it? Instead, this feels like Heroes-lite. Vague and mysterious people whispering about super powers and running from a government agency, complete with the lead government agent having his kid(s) be mutants.

My hopes are not set very high for this show, no matter how many Blinks or Polarises they put into it.


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