Top Six “Green” Superheroes

Welcome back to another color-based List of Six! I like to do themes, and colors seems like a fun one. For whatever reason, a lot of superheroes and villains name themselves after colors. There’s rarely a good reason why those seem to choose that color, but they do it, and here we are celebrating the color green!

Green List 01

Because it’s fall in America, and the green leaves are disappearing. So let’s take a little moment to enjoy some lush greenery while we still can. It’s going to be a long time before ewe have this chance again. A long, cold, harsh winter, possibly of our discontent. We’ll see.

Anyway, join me after the jump for the best “Green” superheroes in comics!

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Thor: Ragnarok Hype Is Real!

Thor: Ragnarok is only, like, two months away! And the hype is very real! So real, in fact, that the people at the Nerdist made this awesome, 80’s-style movie trailer to go along with the movie’s already spectacular 80’s style!

The internet does good work, people. The Nerdist does good work. I’m just glad I get to be here to reap the rewards!


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 9/16/17

So, uh, comics, hey? Some came out this week! I read them, enjoyed them and have written up a couple reviews! Everybody likes those, right? Sorry, I’m a little distracted this weekend! But I still love comics.

Comic Book of the Week goes to the new issue of Mister Miracle. Whatever writer Tom King is building here, I think it’s going to be good!

Miracle Shower 01

Domestic bliss

The second issue of DC’s Metal event came out this week, and it was fun. They do a great job tying a lot of recent Batman stories together, reaching all the way back to Final Crisis and The Return of Bruce Wayne. But in the end, I think it’s all a little silly. Like, they go to all this trouble and establish a Batman story that supposedly stretches to every conceivable corner of the DC Universe…and it’s all about just bringing a bunch of evil, multidimensional Batman to Earth to fight everybody.

Eh, not impressed. So far.

Comic Reviews: Hulk #10, Mister Miracle #2, Ms. Marvel #22, Runaways #1 and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #24.

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New Hellboy Has Dumb Hair

They’re making a new Hellboy movie, which is fine. I’m disappointed that it’s not Hellboy 3 with Ron Perlman, but we can’t always get what we want. The new film is slated to come out January 11, 2019, which is an insane release date for a movie. January is usually a dumping grounds…but I suppose studios have been trying to reclaim it.

Anyway, the studio and actor David Harbour shared the first look at the new Hellboy!

Hellboy New 01

At least he’s red

And his hair is dumb. I mean, come on! First of all, he looks exactly like Perlman, which is just weird. And second, long hair? How thought that was a good idea? He looks silly! So so silly.


There’s a New Pixar Movie Coming Out!

Question for the group: have we passed the point where original Pixar movies are guaranteed to be amazing? I enjoyed Inside Out, sure, but I don’t think it holds a candle to stuff like The Incredibles, Wall-E or any of the Toy Storys. Whereas stuff like Brave and The Good Dinosaur (which I still haven’t seen) disappoint. So when we see the trailer for Coco…are we guaranteed an amazing movie?

It looks amazing, sure! I’ll gladly grant it that. But when we’ve got stuff like Wreck-It Ralph and Moana coming out of Disney, and Kubo and the Two Strings (spoiler alert: he had three strings)¬†from Laika, are we really just going to roll over and let Pixar stay at the top of the hill? I suppose we’ll see when Coco comes out later this year.


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