Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 1/21/23

The weekend is upon us again and that means more comics and more reviews! I’ve got a 3-day weekend, so I’m gonna relax, play video games and hope the world doesn’t end. At least I’ve got the likes of Invincible Iron Man, the Wasp and Power Rangers to keep me company.

Comic book of the Week goes to Nightwing #100 because I’m a suck for emotional scenes between Batman and his Robins. Just tug at my damn heartstrings, why don’tcha?

By all means…

Meanwhile, I’m spending this weekend finally beating Pokemon Violet. I’ve been dragging my feet with this game for no particular reason and I swear to see it through to the end. Then perhaps I’ll pick up Marvel: Midnight Suns. Also, shame to hear about the lay-offs at Comixology. I’m gonna have to juggle where I get my comics from it seems, as I’m sure many will. I hope those employees cruelly cut from Amazon land on their feet.

Comic Reviews: Invincible Iron Man #2, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #104, Nightwing #100 and The Wasp #1.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Mimic is on Krakoa

It has been nearly four long years since the start of the Krakoa Era in X-Men comics, but I can finally, excitedly share that one of my all-time favorite X-characters, the Mimic, has finally appeared on the page. This might not be big news to most people, but this is my blog, it’s a random Thursday, and I’m pretty giddy about the whole thing.

Mimic showed up in this week’s issue of Immortal X-Men. It’s not a great appearance, because he chickens out of helping with an important task, but the important thing is that he has finally appeared on the island.

C’mon, dude! This was your big chance!

So this is great. And I will gladly take this time to explain to everybody still reading why this is great.

The Mimic is a character who harkens all the way back to the original X-Men. In fact, he was the first new member of the team after the original five. That’s some neat trivia. I’ve liked the character since I was a kid, since the Mimic was essentially the Green Power Ranger of the X-Men. He’s come and gone over the decades, both a good guy and a troubled bad guy. And I’ve enjoyed keeping up with him through that time.

Most recently, in late 2018, he was killed off. Such is the fate of most obscure, unimportant comic book characters. I was pretty bummed.

But then 2019 saw the launch of the new Krakoa era, where all dead characters were brought back to live on a special mutant island. And in one of the very first issues of the new era, Mimic got name-dropped as living on Krakoa. I was pretty excited!

Because not only was he alive again, but now Mimic is being established as a mutant. When he first debuted, and through most of his existence, Mimic has always been portrayed as a human who was given powers in a science experiment. But only mutants are allowed on Krakoa (with few exceptions), and only mutants are resurrected (with few exceptions).

This week’s issue confirms in writing, again, that Mimic is around to supplement the Five in the resurrection process.

That’s the thing he’s chickening out of doing, which isn’t a good look for him, but I’ll take what I can get.

Anyway, I know the Mimic isn’t a very important dude, but I’m glad to see, even all these years later, that that initial mention of him in House of X has been followed through on. And while I don’t know if this means Mimic is for sure retconned into being a mutant, it would be cool if he was.

Also, just to note, I kinda wish he’d been given a new, retro costume, like a lot of characters on Krakoa. But, again, I’ll take what I can get. Hooray Mimic!


6 Other Cartoon Reboot Ideas Like “Velma”

The most talked about new show this week has been Velma on HBOMax, for good, though mostly for ill. A lot of people hate this show, at least on the corners of the internet I spend time on. They vehemently hate it. But I like it just fine. I love cartoons, and was going to give this one a watch regardless, and I liked the first two episodes. They’re fine.

Behold the apparent horror of an Indian Velma

There have been a couple dozen different Scooby Doo reboots over the decades. Velma is the ninth one since I’ve been alive, and I’m just counting cartoon shows. So if some creators want to go in a different direction with this one, I have zero problem with that. Yet people are up in arms at hating this show. Why? Personally, I think the fact that it’s produced by a noted woman of color, and changed the focus to be about a woman of color, are probably big factors in why it’s getting so much vitriol.

I’ve never been one to shy away from the zeitgeist! And I think Velma could be the start of a whole wave of new, female-led reboots of classic shows! So join me after the jump for six classic cartoons that could be rebooted with a new main character!

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The Mandalorian Season 3 is Definitely For Me!

After years of waiting, and multiple Star Wars shows in between, we’re finally going to get the third season of The Mandalorian. I still think it’s weird that we had some major story movement during The Book of Boba Fett, but I watched that, so I’m fully up to speed. They can make these shows how they like. I’m ready for this new season and I’m ready for this story!

Looks great! It’s a little funny that all these other Mandalorians are rainbow-colored, while he gets to stay this cool, gleaming silver dude. But if it works, it works. We’re gonna learn a lot more about the Mandalorians as a people, and that should be cool. And we’re gonna get even more about Grogu’s backstory, which we’re all dying to see!

The third season of The Mandalorian comes to Disney+ on March 1.


The Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Cartoon is Definitely For Kids

I like cartoons. I watch a ton of cartoons. Sometimes they’re cartoons for kids, sometimes they’re cartoons for adults. But with this trailer for the upcoming Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur show, I definitely think this one is for really young kids. And that’s probably my criteria for skipping the show. It looks good, but it doesn’t look for me.

Maybe it’s for you! And that’s why I share trailers like this. Perhaps this is totally your vibe. I just like sharing that Marvel is branching out with all sorts of different ideas and shows. I wonder if Moon Boy will be used in any way…

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur comes to Disney Channel on Feb. 10, and then to Disney+ shortly thereafter.


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