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6 Marvel Legends Action Figures I’m Still Waiting For

Marvel Legends are the be-all, end-all of superhero action figures. I wish I had figures this awesome when I was a kid — though, to be fair, I’m making fine use of them as an adult. There have been more than 1,000 Marvel Legends figures over the past few decades, highlighting some of Marvel’s greatest characters and a lot of their very obscure characters.

So why haven’t there been any Marvel Legends figures of my personal favorite obscure characters?!

What If…? is getting its own line!

I’ve been a comic book fan for my entire life, and while I like Spider-Man and the X-Men as much as the next person, most of my favorite characters are B, C and D-list guys and gals who don’t get the respect they deserve. Heck, Marvel Legends only got around to a Multiple Man figure a couple of years ago. They’ve made guys like Skullbuster, Living Laser, Darkhawk, the female Beetle and a bunch of members of the Serpent Society. These are some deep cuts…and yet a ton of my favorite Marvel characters have yet to receive a Marvel Legends figure!

Join me after the jump for six(ish) characters I hope to see as Marvel Legends some day. And feel free to share your own character hopes and drams in the comments!

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 7/13/19

Welcome, to the world of comics! Buncha fun reads this week, from Batman to the new era of Go Go Power Rangers. Most monumental is the temporary return of X-Statix! Against all odds! I’m excited to see where that book goes, but for now it’s just a simple reintroduction.

Comic Book of the Week goes to the final issue of Wonder Twins for a really enjoyable, meaningful ending to this short but sweet mini-series. Thankfully, we’ll be getting more from this comic in a couple of months!

Wonder Twins Lesson 01

Being a teenage superhero isn’t always fun and games

Meanwhile, the War of the Realms is over and now is the time for aftermath stories! I skipped the Omega issue out this week, because it was just short advertisements for upcoming series. I might check out the new Valkyrie. We’ll see. The new issue of the regular Thor series was a fun coda. We finally get that nice Thor/Odin moment we’ve all been waiting for, so that’s nice.

And the second issue of Event Leviathan was actually really well done. I’m legit excited for that comic now, thanks to issue #2.

Comic Reviews: Batman #74, Black Cat #2, Giant-Sized X-Statix #1, Go Go Power Rangers #21 and Wonder Twins #6.

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X-Statix is Coming Back!

Because true genius never dies, X-Statix are going to return for a special one-shot in July! Giant-Sized X-Statix #1 will reunite original creators Peter Milligan and Mike and Laura Allred! And some of the classic team members will be back too — even though most of them are dead!

XStatix Returns 02

There’s not too much information out just yet. Newsarama has an interview with Mike Allred, and they claim to have an interview with Milligan coming soon.

Bleeding Cool also revealed some sketch designs for potentially new characters.

XStatix Return 01

Those look pretty cool!

Whatever the case may be, I’m excited. I was a slow convert to X-Statix when they originally came out, but once I was in, I was really in and read through to the end. So I’m excited to see this revival, even if it’s short.

They’re back and more alive than ever for this special one-shot! But what new threat is so grave that only the most famous mutant celebrities can fight it? And who is the new U-Go-Girl? Only the original X-Statix creative team Peter Milligan, Michael Allred and Laura Allred know for sure!

I also hope we’ll finally see the return of long-lost character Lacuna, one of my favorite characters from X-Statix. She’s also one of the few to survive the end of the series, and I’ve been waiting forever to see if Marvel ever uses her again.

Of course, knowing my luck lately, she’ll probably come back and be killed immediately.


Forgotten Characters: Lacuna

Whatever happened to Lacuna, the mutant talk show host and would-be member of X-Statix?

The green blob Doop has been given new prominence in the popular pages of Wolverine & The X-Men, but he wasn’t the only character to survive the massacre that was Peter Milligan’s X-Statix. I want to know whatever happened to my personal favorite character from that series, the beautiful, the excitable, the orange Lacuna! X-Statix may have been controversial in its day, but the rose-colored glasses of hindsight have proven just how ahead of its time that series really was.

X-Statix was a comic that satirized Jersey Shore several years before Jersey Show was even on the air. X-Statix was making Kim Kardashian jokes before  ‘Kardashian’ was even a thing. And there in the wings, doing her part to mock talk show hosts, was Woodstock Schumaker, the sometimes superhero known as Lacuna. She was one of the few characters to survive the end of X-Statix, but she hasn’t been seen since. I want to know why not!

She looks absolutely awesome

Here is a young female character ripe for use in any number of rebooted X-teams. She’s got an awesome look, nifty powers and her own talk show! At the very least, why hasn’t anybody had Lacuna and the Stars playing in the background of any scenes?

Join me after the jump for more!

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