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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 9/4/21

Boy howdy, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was a lot of fun and it’s good to have another Marvel movie under our belts! Expect my review/thoughts on Wednesday, like usual! Other than that, this was an oddly light week for me, with only a couple of DC Comics to enjoy.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Static: Season One #3 for an all-around really good comic book.

Needs a coat?

Meanwhile, to reiterate, I really enjoyed Shang-Chi and look forward to going again in a couple of weeks when the theater will be less crowded. That should be fun! And not that you have to do anything, but my birthday is on Monday. Just letting you know.

Comic Reviews: Batman: Fear State Alpha #1, Static: Season One #3 and Wonder Girl #3.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 7/10/21

Does it feel good to have Marvel movies back in the theater! Went and saw Black Widow and I loved it! I’ll have my review/thoughts up on Wednesday. Until then, I also had some great comics this week, like Batman, Runaways and Wonder Girl.

Comic Book of the Week goes to X-Men #1 for a fantastic launch of the new series. Very excited about this one.

They’ve mastered cool team poses so far

Meanwhile, I’ve got my 20th high school reunion on Friday. It will be exciting to let everybody know I’m still fat. But seriously though, should be a fun lark. I’ll tell everybody to come read my comic book reviews more often.

Comic Reviews: Batman #110, Children of the Atom #5, Runaways #37, Wonder Girl #2 and X-Men #1.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 5/22/21

So this is a first! I absolutely adored every single comic book I read this week. Sometimes I’m pretty lukewarm on an issue. Sometimes they’re just fine. But hot damn, every comic I read for review this week was a real banger! From the new issue of Nightwing to even Power Rangers! And you know I love me some Runaways and the new Way of X.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Wonder Girl #1 because it has the benefit of both being a first issue and having the artwork of Joelle Jones, which almost seems unfair.

Classic tour bus scene

But seriously, every comic I read this week was a dream. I was this close to awarding every single issue a 9 out of 10, which is pretty much the highest score I give.

Meanwhile, Heroes Reborn continues to be a delight! Jason Aaron seems to be having a blast creating a new Marvel Universe built around the Squadron Supreme. It’s nifty as all heck! Double meanwhile, I just finished Shadow and Bone on Netflix and I can’t recommend it. The show was fine, but it was drowning in YA tropes that near about strangled the life out of anything actually interesting on the show.

Comic Reviews: Nightwing #80, Power Rangers #7, Runaways #36, Way of X #2 and Wonder Girl #1.

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Review: Teen Titans #19

I guess the latest issue of Teen Titans is the perfect place for the phrase ‘rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic’. We already know that with Rebirth, this current team of Titans is going to come to an end.  Either the team will split up, or they will never have been a team at all. Normally, this would be the perfect opportunity for a big, climactic something or other. But writer Greg Pak only came on to the series a few issues ago, and he’s kind of just going through the motions.

In any other situation, this would be a mighty fine issue of Teen Titans. But that omnipresent feeling of just killing time is unavoidable.

Teen Titans #19

Comic Rating: 6/10 – Pretty Good. 

So we kinda sorta do get that team up between Wonder Woman and the Teen Titans. And we do get to see Wonder Girl learn about her previously unknown past. And there are some nice character moments found within Teen Titans #19. It’s a finely written and drawn comic. I don’t think I have any particular complaints, which is very different from my previous Teen Titans reviews, I know.

It’s almost as if Pak is just keeping the boat above water. Tell some innocent, innocuous stories that don’t really matter in the long run, but keep the book coming out on time.

I suppose I don’t have a problem with that, because we live in a world where Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel exist.

Join me after the jump for the full synopsis and more review!

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Review: Teen Titans #18

Rebirth is on its way, folks. In a few short months, DC Comics is going to kick off their next big thingamajig, and current comics are feeling the pinch. We don’t know what’s going to happen to the Teen Titans, who’s going to write it, who’s going to draw it, or what it’s going to be about. But for now, writer Greg Pak is cruising along with a fun little story about Wonder Girl’s origins. I enjoyed the last issue for its upbeat character work and interesting story. Teen Titans #18 continues the trend, though the issue is kind of light and breezy.

But I can live with light and breezy when it comes to a new Teen Titans.

Comic Rating: 7/10 – Good.

I have no real complaints about this issue, none that matter anyway. It’s fun, simple and pretty straight forward. It calls back to the brilliant Wonder Woman run by Brian Azzarello, which is neat. It contains the first ever team up of Wonder Woman and Tim Drake in the New 52, which I personally found kind of annoying, and I’ll explain why later. At times, I felt like Pak didn’t necessarily know what to do with all of the Titans. This is a Wonder Girl story, first and foremost, but I guess Pak can’t just ignore the rest of them. That kind of means he doesn’t find as many great character moments, like he did with the last issue, but it’s not a big deal.

Honestly, I feel so mellow about this issue, that I’m starting to wonder if I was too harsh with my previous reviews. Or if I’m being too lenient with Greg Pak. This is just a fine little comic, neither great nor terrible. Teen Titans feels like it’s biding its time until Rebirth, but at least Pak and artist Ian Churchill (with an assist by Tom Derenick) are making the most of it.

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