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Forgotten Characters: Vibe

Whatever happened to Vibe?

The dance-loving former Justice League Detroiter has never been more high profile than right now, with Cisco Ramon a popular, ongoing character in The Flash TV show. And before that, there was a big Vibe push in the New 52 from no less than Geoff Johns himself, putting the character front and center in the new Justice League of America.

But that fizzled out pretty fast.

Look at him fizzle!

Vibe was never a popular character. But with the New 52 relaunch at DC Comics, everything was new again, and Vibe was allowed to party like never before. He was part of a big promotional push in the lead up to Trinity War and Forever Evil, then starred in not only the relaunched Justice League of America comic, but also his own spin-off solo series by writers Andrew Kreisberg and Sterling Gates. And like I said, Vibe was chosen, out of all possibilities, to be one of the main characters in the supremely popular Flash TV show. His origin story has been an ongoing plot since the start of the show.

So why has Vibe been missing in comic book action for years now?

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 2/23/13

It’s weeks like this that make me regret ever starting this Hench-Sized review column! Oy vey! Somehow, the Marvel and DC scheduling system is perfectly tailored to my reading habits so that the books I actually buy and read all come out on the same darn week! Last week I only had four comics in the Hench-Sized reviews. This week there’s more than a dozen! And it doesn’t help that I’m broke…

But enough whining, let’s get to some comics! This has proven to be an absolutely stellar week of books! I enjoyed all of the comics I bought this week, with more than a few of them rising to perfect scores. And you want to talk gender equality? How about the fact that the two best comics this week both star female leads. It’s an absolute shame that more people aren’t buying Captain Marvel. That book is absolutely amazing! But it’s surpassed just a little by Batwoman, which wins Comic Book of the Week for its fantastic climactic issue and surprise romantic ending!

Though Captain Marvel’s sheer adorableness was hard to beat.

Comic Reviews: Avengers #6, Batwoman #17, Captain Marvel #10, Green Lantern #17, Green Lantern: New Guardians #17, Indestructible Hulk #4, Justice League #17, Justice League of America #1, Nightwing #17, Nova #1, Red Hood and the Outlaws #17, Superior Spider-Man #4, Thor: God of Thunder #5, Vibe #1, Wonder Woman #17.

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Vibe Gets a Comic! Katana Gets a Comic! You Get a Comic!

UPDATE: There’s more information out about the Vibe comic! You can find it lower after the jump!

Blowing the minds of comic book fans everywhere, DC Comics announced today that C-list nobodies Vibe and Katana will get their very own comic series next year, to highlight their membership in the new Justice League of America series!

Because already having the Justice League, Justice League Dark and Justice League Fruit Loops wasn’t enough

This is a brilliant move! I have zero interest in Vibe and Katana as characters, but I am a huge fan in giving new and minor characters a chance to shine. Not every comic can star Batman, Spider-Man or Wolverine. If you want to find some new breakout characters, you’ve got to give the little guys a chance! Just look at how well it worked out for Multiple Man. He was a C-list nobody back in the day, but one well-received Madrox mini-series later and now he’s been headlining X-Factor for nearly 100 issues! Iron Fist had absolutely nothing going for him until Marvel gave him a series written by Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction, and now he’s one of the leading Avengers and stars in that new Spider-Man cartoon.

It could happen for Vibe!

Agent of S.T.U.D.

Anything could happen for Vibe.

Vibe, of course, being the absolute worst member of the Justice League of all time. He was the bottom of the barrel back when they were known as Justice League Detroit, and worked out of a warehouse. He died an ignoble death. But since this is a reboot, he’s back to life and looking to actually make something of himself for once! He was also my pick for which DC character was going to be revealed as gay.

Katana is a sword-wielding badass warrior who…well, that’s basically it. She used to be with the Outsiders back in the day, and was a Bird of Prey in the new continuity. She’s also going to be Batman’s new sidekick in the upcoming Beware the Batman cartoon…for some reason. So I guess DC want to give her a push.

Before she cuts your freakin’ head off!

And who wouldn’t!? I fully support the existence of both these series…though I can’t guarantee I’ll buy either one.

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The New Justice League of America

Even though Justice League: International crashed and burned, DC Comics is going to try again with a brand new Justice League of America team. Apparently it’s going to run concurrent with the Justice League series that already exists. Because as the Marvel marketing department will tell you, why bother coming up with an original superhero team name when you can just re-use a name that is already a proven seller?

Behold the new team lineup!

Additional member: Catwoman’s cleavage

At the very least, this new team is spinning out of the ongoing story in Justice League. When Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman and the rest banded together into a team in the New 52, they did so on their own, with no government oversight or control. And there has been an ongoing story about how the U.S. government is a little skittish about the fact that this supremely powerful team of superheroes isn’t beholden to anyone.

So it looks like the government is putting together their own version of the Justice League.

The new line-up: Martian Manhunter, Catwoman, Green Arrow, Katana, Hawkman, Vibe, Steve Trevor, Stargirl and Baz, the new Arab-American Green Lantern.

Here’s what writer Geoff Johns had to say about the team:

The idea of why the JLA forms, and what it is, and what it’s in reaction to… It kind of spins out of Justice League #12; what happens in that, and then subsequent issues, because JLA comes out next year some time. But the book itself is a group of heroes that aren’t necessarily coming together because they want to be together… They’ve been selected specifically. They all want, or need something that Steve Trevor, and the other person behind the scenes that’s in charge of this team can provide.

The first arc is going to deal with something they learn is called The Secret Society of Super-Villains. It’s specific because its run by A.R.G.U.S. They have a team they feel they can now control. Whether or not that ends up being the case is up for debate.

You can read the full interview at Mtv Geek. Because when I think of geek culture, I think Mtv.

As for my personal opinion…I dunno. I think it’s too soon to be doing something like this. We’re barely more than a year into the New 52 reboot, and the Justice League title has barely had any time to settle itself. It’s a good enough comic, but I don’t think it’s as strong as it could be. Adding something like this for it to contend with is too much too soon. It’s like DC doesn’t think they have any time to let anything grow. They did this big reboot of their universe, and now they still have the modern day mentality that they’ve got to just push and push and push more stuff out the door to keep fans happy. They won’t let anything settle or simmer.

So I dunno. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t. Justice League Dark is still selling. But Justice League International got cancelled. So we’ll see what happens when this new book comes out next year some time.

At the very least, the name is a little dumb. The names ‘Justice League’ and ‘Justice League of America’ are synonymous in the minds of the fans. Applying them to two different teams is going to get a little confusing.

The Break-Dancing Superhero!

Apparently big things are on the horizon for Vibe, the worst ever member of the Justice League of America! Not only does he have a new cartoon short premiering this weekend on the DC Nation animation block, but he’s going to be starring in a new Justice League story as part of the New 52 universe – which also, consequently, brings him back from the dead!

Feast your eyes on Vibe!

The 80s at their most superheroic!

Frequent readers of my blog know that I have a special place in my heart for obscure superheroes and super-villains. But it takes a special level of fan to like Vibe. Real name Paco Ramone, Vibe debuted in 1984 as a brand new character joining the Detroit era of the Justice League. This was back when Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and all the other well-known heroes had left the League, and it was basically just Martian Manhunter and a bunch of nobodies operating out of an apartment in downtown Detroit. Pretty much the lowest point ever for the Justice League. And Vibe was their poster child.

Vibe had the power to create sonic and seismic vibrations, but they didn’t stop him from being killed by a robot, becoming the first ever Justice Leaguer to die in the line of duty.

Well have no fear, Vibe fans, your hero is coming back! Behold the massive, four-page teaser image released with DC’s Justice League Free Comic Book Day issue!

Click to enlarge

Don’t see Vibe? Check out down in the left hand corner. That’s him!

Hey look, sleeves!

I don’t know what he’s doing in that picture, but it’s more than he’s done in years. Apparently he’s going to be fleshed out in an upcoming Justice League storyline. Justice League writer Geoff Johns had to say about Vibe to USA Today:

“I can’t remember the last time someone requested to see him,” Johns says, laughing. “That’s the whole point, though, I like new challenges. It’s fun to see a mix of some of the classics, some of the obscure and a lot of new stuff.”

And that’s not all! This Saturday is going to debut some new Vibe animated shorts to go alongside the DC Nation animation block. Perhaps you’ve watched some of the Super Best Friends Forever shorts? Well Vibe gets one as well!

And here’s another!

Things are definitely look up for Vibe!

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