Vibe Gets a Comic! Katana Gets a Comic! You Get a Comic!

UPDATE: There’s more information out about the Vibe comic! You can find it lower after the jump!

Blowing the minds of comic book fans everywhere, DC Comics announced today that C-list nobodies Vibe and Katana will get their very own comic series next year, to highlight their membership in the new Justice League of America series!

Because already having the Justice League, Justice League Dark and Justice League Fruit Loops wasn’t enough

This is a brilliant move! I have zero interest in Vibe and Katana as characters, but I am a huge fan in giving new and minor characters a chance to shine. Not every comic can star Batman, Spider-Man or Wolverine. If you want to find some new breakout characters, you’ve got to give the little guys a chance! Just look at how well it worked out for Multiple Man. He was a C-list nobody back in the day, but one well-received Madrox mini-series later and now he’s been headlining X-Factor for nearly 100 issues! Iron Fist had absolutely nothing going for him until Marvel gave him a series written by Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction, and now he’s one of the leading Avengers and stars in that new Spider-Man cartoon.

It could happen for Vibe!

Agent of S.T.U.D.

Anything could happen for Vibe.

Vibe, of course, being the absolute worst member of the Justice League of all time. He was the bottom of the barrel back when they were known as Justice League Detroit, and worked out of a warehouse. He died an ignoble death. But since this is a reboot, he’s back to life and looking to actually make something of himself for once! He was also my pick for which DC character was going to be revealed as gay.

Katana is a sword-wielding badass warrior who…well, that’s basically it. She used to be with the Outsiders back in the day, and was a Bird of Prey in the new continuity. She’s also going to be Batman’s new sidekick in the upcoming Beware the Batman cartoon…for some reason. So I guess DC want to give her a push.

Before she cuts your freakin’ head off!

And who wouldn’t!? I fully support the existence of both these series…though I can’t guarantee I’ll buy either one.

So the more I think about it, the more I might actually get into a series about Vibe. Frequent readers of my blog know that I’m a huge fan of C and D list characters. Heck, I’ve dedicated several long reviews to my love of the freakin’ Mimic. So maybe a Vibe series is right up my alley.

It will be written by Andrew Kreisberg, one of the masterminds behind the new Arrow show. He wrote a nice little essay about his new Vibe series at Mtv Geek, because I guess Mtv is a place to announce this kind of stuff nowadays. Anyway, it’s a pretty cool little essay about taking a minor, seemingly lame character and trying to turn him into something great! Here’s an expert:

And so we began the process of reimaging Cisco “Paco” Ramone. Cisco is a normal Hispanic teenager in Detroit… he goes to school, has a job, is ignored by his parents and both loves and loathes his ne’er do well brother, Dante. Normal… except that after being caught in the event horizon of a boomtube when Darkseid invaded Earth 5 years ago, Cisco has acquired the ability to generate vibrational forces. When we meet him, he has no plans to be a superhero. But when his powers become known to A.R.G.U.S. and Amanda Waller, Cisco is recruited by AGENT DALE GUNN. Detroit is an inter-dimensional hot zone. Any number of beings and creatures are able to enter our dimension through the motor city. Cisco is the only one who can sense these incursions… and fight them. And so, to save our dimension from dark forces from beyond our Universe, Cisco becomes the super hero known as Vibe.

And did I mention he also joins the Justice League of America?

I promise no break dancing. I do promise this book will be fun and epic while also emotional and heartfelt. I promise Para-demons and Gypsy and a few big surprises.

And I promise to make Vibe cool. Then Vibe and I will be even. Who’s with me?

I think I might be with you after all, Kreisberg.

I guess I’m going to buy you after all, Vibe #1

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  1. You spelled “Froot Loops” wrong…which is ironic.

  2. I’m not entirely sure why Hawkman is on this team… or, really, what his deal even is these days.

    Catwoman is like a female Batman without the training… or billions (so, not at all). I’m guessing she’s on the roster for when they need something stolen?

    And of course a blatantly Japan-themed hero would be on a team called Justice League of America. Because it’s not like there’s an international Justice League or anything.

    And Manhunter… Manhunter can be on any Justice League team he wants. I mean, I guess he’s technically American…

  3. A lot of New 52 series have been thrown in at the deep end, since the reboot started. Characters like Voodoo, Grifter, Mr. Terrific, Static Shock and so on passed from being unknown to the 99 % of comics fan to having their own solo title. Of course they lacked the bases to avoid failure.
    Also, DC didn’t advertise them enough: for example, when I read that Mr. Terrific was among the first New 52 cancelled titles, I didn’t even know who he was.
    The same thing is happening for characters like Katana and Vibe. DC definitely didn’t learn from its mistakes.
    Anyway, I will try Katana. Miss Nocenti’s work on Green Arrow is atrocious, but I loved her run on Daredevil, as I love anything concerning Japan.

    • There was no indication that a comic like Static Shock couldn’t carry a readership. I applaud DC for trying out these minor heroes. In my opinion, there’s no such thing as a bad character, only bad writers.

      • Static Shock was among my favorite Milestone reads, along with Icon and the greatest of all (at least in my opinion), Hardware. And I didn’t know Grifter and Voodoo before the reboot, but I think that both of them were a very nice read. I’m telling you this to make you understand that I applaud DC for trying out these minor heroes too. I just wanted to say that giving them a chance was a good idea that should have been executed better. Thank you for your reply! : )

      • If only all of their comics could be executed better. But I guess not every minor character is going to get the Iron Fist treatment.

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