The Break-Dancing Superhero!

Apparently big things are on the horizon for Vibe, the worst ever member of the Justice League of America! Not only does he have a new cartoon short premiering this weekend on the DC Nation animation block, but he’s going to be starring in a new Justice League story as part of the New 52 universe – which also, consequently, brings him back from the dead!

Feast your eyes on Vibe!

The 80s at their most superheroic!

Frequent readers of my blog know that I have a special place in my heart for obscure superheroes and super-villains. But it takes a special level of fan to like Vibe. Real name Paco Ramone, Vibe debuted in 1984 as a brand new character joining the Detroit era of the Justice League. This was back when Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and all the other well-known heroes had left the League, and it was basically just Martian Manhunter and a bunch of nobodies operating out of an apartment in downtown Detroit. Pretty much the lowest point ever for the Justice League. And Vibe was their poster child.

Vibe had the power to create sonic and seismic vibrations, but they didn’t stop him from being killed by a robot, becoming the first ever Justice Leaguer to die in the line of duty.

Well have no fear, Vibe fans, your hero is coming back! Behold the massive, four-page teaser image released with DC’s Justice League Free Comic Book Day issue!

Click to enlarge

Don’t see Vibe? Check out down in the left hand corner. That’s him!

Hey look, sleeves!

I don’t know what he’s doing in that picture, but it’s more than he’s done in years. Apparently he’s going to be fleshed out in an upcoming Justice League storyline. Justice League writer Geoff Johns had to say about Vibe to USA Today:

“I can’t remember the last time someone requested to see him,” Johns says, laughing. “That’s the whole point, though, I like new challenges. It’s fun to see a mix of some of the classics, some of the obscure and a lot of new stuff.”

And that’s not all! This Saturday is going to debut some new Vibe animated shorts to go alongside the DC Nation animation block. Perhaps you’ve watched some of the Super Best Friends Forever shorts? Well Vibe gets one as well!

And here’s another!

Things are definitely look up for Vibe!

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