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Forgotten Characters: Vibe

Whatever happened to Vibe?

The dance-loving former Justice League Detroiter has never been more high profile than right now, with Cisco Ramon a popular, ongoing character in The Flash TV show. And before that, there was a big Vibe push in the New 52 from no less than Geoff Johns himself, putting the character front and center in the new Justice League of America.

But that fizzled out pretty fast.

Look at him fizzle!

Vibe was never a popular character. But with the New 52 relaunch at DC Comics, everything was new again, and Vibe was allowed to party like never before. He was part of a big promotional push in the lead up to Trinity War and Forever Evil, then starred in not only the relaunched Justice League of America comic, but also his own spin-off solo series by writers Andrew Kreisberg and Sterling Gates. And like I said, Vibe was chosen, out of all possibilities, to be one of the main characters in the supremely popular Flash TV show. His origin story has been an ongoing plot since the start of the show.

So why has Vibe been missing in comic book action for years now?

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