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6 Characters I Want to See in the Spider-Man 2 Video Game

This is a great time to be a Spider-Man fan. Not only does the new film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse come out this week, but last week we got our first big look at the upcoming Spider-Man 2 video game for the Playstation 5. I’m going to the first showing of the movie this week, and you best believe I’ll be picking up that game day one! Everything’s coming up Spider-Man!

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Next week, I’ll do a review of Across the Spider-Verse here in this List of Six space. So this week, I’ve decided to whip together a quick list for the Spider-Man 2 video game. Who do I want to see appear in the game? What cameos and character appearances? We already know that Kraven the Hunter and Venom will be the major villains, but what about minor villains? What about some superhero allies? Or some civilian friends?

Join me after the jump for a couple characters I hope to see in this surely awesome video game.

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Symbiote Action in New Spider-Man 2 Video Game!

Spider-Man is the star of a lot of great video games. And the current streak is 2 for 2, baby! Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales were bangers. They were perfect. So you best believe I’m very excited for the new game. And we got our first real, full look at some story elements and gameplay in a video yesterday. And now I’m sharing that with you all!

Looks great to me! They do a lot of great things with Kraven in the opening cinematic. I’m a little surprised that he’s going to have enough goons at his disposal to populate an entire video game’s worth of henchmen. But we’ll see! I love the switching between Peter and Miles. It’s probably going to be a lot similar to Grand Theft Auto 5. I love the look of the black symbiote suit. I love the subtle ways it’s making Peter angrier — or not so subtle, it’s pretty obvious.

Game looks great. Can’t wait. But we gotta, until the fall.


Holy Cow, It’s Our First Look at the Next Spider-Man Game!

The Sony Playstation 5 is apparently right around the corner and a sequel to that amazing Spider-Man game is going to be one of the launch titles! And it’s going to star Miles Morales! And there’s a teaser trailer right now!

Great! Awesome! Can’t wait! Granted, I’m probably not going to buy a PS5 at launch, but this is so cool! The first Spider-Man game was a masterpiece of greatness, and I can only imagine the sequel will be even better and bigger and cooler! And having Miles as the main character offers up so much potential! New powers, new struggles, new supporting characters, new villains and hopefully a grand new story just as awesome and impactful as the last one.

And all of this is supposed to come out by the end of the year! Fancy that!


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