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I’m Coming to Get You, Clementine! Again!

Expect a lot of video game news this week with E3 right around the corner. Seeing as how I’m lazy, I probably won’t post all of it. Heck, I wasn’t even going to write about the new Batman game from Telltale Studios. It looks neat…but no sign of Robin, yet.

Speaking of Telltale, however, there’s no way I’m going to miss out on the first teaser trailer for Part 3 of their ongoing The Walking Dead saga! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: out of all The Walking Dead material, my favorite character is Clementine. She’s the best!

Those new graphics look amazing!

Based on this teaser, Clementine is once again going to age up between games. That’s fine. There were, like, 5 different endings to Part 2, and there was no way Telltale would be able to support them all in the new game. All that matters is that Clementine is still awesome, and that looks to be true!

Can’t wait for the new chapter!


My 6 Favorite Zombie Video Games

Zombies are everywhere! Or, at least, they’re still around, following that big zombie craze from a few years ago. The desire for all things zombie has sort of faded, but they are still a ubiquitous presence in our favorite entertainment. I should know, since I’ve spent the past week playing a marathon session of Dead Rising 3! Finally beat it last night! It was at the top of the list of games I’d play once I got a bigger, better computer!

And this is at the bottom

I’ll probably stop bragging about my computer at some point, I promise. In fact, let’s spend today jawing about zombie video games! There are so many! And I’ve been having so much fun with the latest Dead Rising that I’ve decided to list my favorite zombie video games! Join me after the jump for all the brain-eating glory, and please share some of your own favorites in the comments!

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Couple’a Neato TV Show Trailers

My computer chair broke the other day, and I’ve had to rely on a crappy, older fill-in chair all weekend. It sucks. I hate this chair and don’t wanna be at my computer longer than necessary. Fortunately, my good chair was still under warranty, and a replacement part has been shipped out. Unfortunately, it’s not here yet, so my butt is still stuck with this crummy option.

Either way, best I can do for the blog-loving masses is a couple of cool TV show trailers!

We’ve got Ash vs. Evil Dead:

And The Walking Dead:

So kind of a ‘dead’ theme going on today for some reason…


New Walking Dead Trailers Bring the Pain!

So funny thing happened recently: I started reading The Walking Dead comics. A friend of mine loaned me the first two compendiums, which contain about 50 issues each in one big book. I’ve been breezing through these bad boys, and just recently, I’d read past where we currently are in the TV show. Turns out, the show is actually following the comic pretty well.

Now here comes the trailer for Season 6, and suddenly everything I’m currently reading is popping up in the TV show! There are whole scenes and lines of dialogue that jump from the comic to the screen in this trailer, and it’s kind of neat. Beyond that, this trailer is also brutal and amazing!

Season 5 was the best season of the show so far, which is saying a lot. I can’t wait for the show to come back and we can see how it incorporates Morgan. Hopefully they do a better job with the character than the comic did. Morgan in the comic is not very fun at all, but in the show he’s a freakin’ Jedi!

Speaking of Walking Dead trailers, the first full length trailer for the new spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, also debuted at Comic-Con. This trailer is also pretty damn brutal – but I still hate that stupid name!

It looks like we’re going to have some great Walking Dead times in the months ahead. Sounds great!


Mini Teaser for the Walking Dead Spin-off

Got 15 seconds to spare? Then check out this tiny teaser for this summer’s Fear the Walking Dead. That’s kind of a dumb name, but hey, they didn’t ask me to name the show.

So the show is going to be set at the dawn of the zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles. If you want to get away from the regular show, that sounds like a pretty good idea. Though if they really wanted to go nuts, they should have gone to Europe or Africa or something. But hey, I’m still gonna watch.

Speaking of watching, that was a pretty good finale last night! I’m not about to spoil anything, because I hate that, but I very much enjoyed what we saw. Some cool character moments, a little twist or two, though it wasn’t as epic as I imagined. It kind of reminds me of the finale of season 4, when the gang arrived at Terminus. The season finale was quiet…and then the season 5 premiere was intense!

Maybe The Walking Dead is determined to make anti-finales. That would be daring TV-making.


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