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We’re Getting More Ash vs. Evil Dead!

I was never all that big into the Evil Dead films, but I super love the TV show, Ash vs. Evil Dead!

You should all be watching this show, if you aren’t already. It’s a ton of gory, Bruce Campbell-based fun!


Couple’a Neato TV Show Trailers

My computer chair broke the other day, and I’ve had to rely on a crappy, older fill-in chair all weekend. It sucks. I hate this chair and don’t wanna be at my computer longer than necessary. Fortunately, my good chair was still under warranty, and a replacement part has been shipped out. Unfortunately, it’s not here yet, so my butt is still stuck with this crummy option.

Either way, best I can do for the blog-loving masses is a couple of cool TV show trailers!

We’ve got Ash vs. Evil Dead:

And The Walking Dead:

So kind of a ‘dead’ theme going on today for some reason…


Bruce Campbell Remains Amazing

I will go to my grave believing that Bruce Campbell’s greatest role was as Sam Axe on the TV show Burn Notice. But there’s a new Evil Dead TV show coming, and it looks pretty amazing.

Go Bruce Campbell! Ash vs. Evil Dead is going to be on Starz.

I think that’s it for my Comic-Con coverage. This was a pretty awesome convention! We’ve got new Robin comics coming up, we got confirmation of Robin’s role in the DC Cinematic Universe, there was some other, non-Robin news. Good weekend!


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