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6 Ways The Walking Dead Could End

I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead TV show, and I can’t wait for the show to return this Sunday. But something about the first half-season got me thinking: where the heck is this show going? We’re five seasons into The Walking Dead, and theoretically, this show can’t last forever. It’s got maybe two or three seasons left, according to the lives of most TV shows.

So how is The Walking Dead going to end?

With zombies, probably

It’s an interesting question when you consider that the comic book can go on for much longer. Comics aren’t bound in the same way as TV seasons, and writer Robert Kirkman can just keep writing that comic for as long as he wants, considering how popular it is. But TV audiences are eventually going to get bored of The Walking Dead, right? At some point, the showrunners are going to want to bring it to a close. Breaking Bad only had five seasons. Lost called it quits after six. The Walking Dead has to end sometime.

But how? Join me after the jump for some of my ideas! Be warned, because there will be SPOILERS from the latest episodes.

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Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead

I loves me some Walking Dead. I know a bunch of people don’t like the show, but I’m not one of them! It’s a fun show, with pretty awesome characters. There have been some slow moments, but I loves me some good TV. And Bad Lip Reading is always good for a laugh.

Carl Cuts Loose in a Walking Dead Bad Lip Reading!

Check it. Zombies make for good back-up vocals! You can even buy that song on iTunes, they’re telling me. I’m a big fan of Bad Lip Reading. It’s just funny. And why else do we exist but to experience funny things? The Walking Dead premiers sometime next month, and I’m excited. I like the show, even if some critics don’t. It’s engaging and entertaining…just like Carl’s song!

Arrow and Walking Dead Trailers

San Diego Comic-Con is dropping all manner of cool pop culture news on us this weekend! If I was a better blogger, and didn’t have that dentist appointment yesterday, I would be covering more of it. But cavities make fools of us all, and I’m only getting around to some of the good stuff now. But you can bet there will be even more awesomeness over the weekend, so stay tuned.

Though for now, I can share with you this cool trailer for Arrow Season 3. It’s mostly awesome. I still don’t like Amanda Waller, though.

Also, for all you Arrow fans, one of the Season 3 episodes is going to be entitled ‘Oracle’ and will reveal Felicity Smoak’s backstory. We all know what that name signifies, and we might just learn that Felicity was college classmates with one Barbara Gordon! That would be pretty darn cool.¬†Oracle was actually on my original list of DC characters I wanted to see on Arrow!

Moving on to another comic book show, we have a trailer for The Walking Dead Season 5. This trailer looks pretty awesome.

Obviously it spoilers the cliffhanger ending of Season 4…but I think I’m OK with that. The Walking Dead still looks great.

We’re Coming to Get You, Clementine!

I know it’s late in the day, but I just got home and found this lovely trailer for the second season of The Walking Dead video game by Telltale Games. You’re all playing, right?

I can’t wait to play a zombie game as a nearly defenseless little girl! The game comes out on Tuesday, though I probably won’t be playing it right away.

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