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I’m Coming to Get You Clementine!

Clementine is my favorite character in The Walking Dead. She’s the star of the TellTale, point-and-click video game adventures. And her final game is coming!

I’m one game behind on The Walking Dead series, but only because Clem wasn’t the lead character in the last one, and that killed my interest. But I’m not going to miss the end of Clem’s journey! I’ve got to get caught up and get ready to save the frickin’ day from zombies!


There Gets to Be Some Peace on The Walking Dead!

SDCC has revealed a big trailer for the new season of The Walking Dead — which I am watching, without regret. I still enjoy the show.



I am excited for this new season. I like the characters on The Walking Dead and I want them to have some happiness. So I’m very pleased to see that the new season will take after the comics.

In the comics, there is a 2-year time jump following the defeat of Negan, and Rick Grimes and his pals rebuild a little society. All the communities are working together. There’s peace. It’s awesome! I hope we get to see a lot of that in the new season, though clearly the show has some drama and conflict planned. I can live with that.

And the end of the trailer reveals that the next big threat, The Whisperers, are right around the corner. Not sure how the show will deal with them with Rick and Carl gone. But I have faith.



Walking Dead Trailer Delivers Them Chills and Thrills!

I’ve stuck with The Walking Dead this whole time and still very much enjoy the show. The new season premieres in October, as always, and Comic Con has delivered a big, rip-roaring trailer!

Looks good to me! Bring on the war!


So Is Everybody Else Just Watching The Walking Dead to See Everybody Die?

What is the deal, people? Am I the only person watching The Walking Dead because I like all the characters and want to see them succeed? I watch the zombie show every week and I read a couple different reviews/recaps around the web, and I see a lot of comments and mentions that the only thing anybody cares about is seeing what gruesome main character death comes next.

Is that really why people watch The Walking Dead?!

Walking Dead Deaths 02

Back when hope was still alive


I don’t know about you, but I watch The Walking Dead because I legitimately like the characters and want to see their stories in this zombie-infested post-apocalypse. I want to see them succeed. I want to see them defeat Negan and make this new Alexandria civilization work.

I like Rick, I like Carl, I like Michonne, I like Eugene, I like Rosita, I especially like Tara and Father Gabriel. Heck, I even like Tobin, that one remaining recognizable Alexandria resident.

Walking Dead Tobin 01

Now you know his name

I was very disappointed when they randomly killed Denise and Olivia.

Maybe I’m some kind of outlier here, but I honestly don’t want to see any of the main or supporting characters killed by zombies anytime soon. The fewer gruesome deaths the better, as far as I’m concerned. I just want them to tell the story at hand. The drama of reforging civilization with this specific group of interesting people is far more interesting to me.

Maybe it’s just me.


The New Walking Dead Video Game is a Travesty!

We don’t know all the details yet, so things may change, but it looks like Season 3 of The Walking Dead game from Telltale WILL NOT star Clementine! She’s going to be in the game, but possibly as a supporting character.

This is madness.

Clementine is the best! She’s my favorite character across all Walking Dead adaptations, and I was really looking forward to continuing her adventures.

But based on that trailer, it looks like we’re going to play as some new schmuck, which Clementine as a partner/sidekick. How disappointing and lame.

Definitely still gonna play, though.


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