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Some Honest Trailers to Enjoy on This Nice Friday

This strikes me as a very casual week, so lets cap it off with a couple of Honest Trailers I haven’t gotten around to sharing. I love me a good Honest Trailer, and I’ve got a couple of doozies today!

Like the Honest Trailer for the hit film Knives Out, one of my favorites from last year!

Knives Out was a great movie! And it’s on DVD, so feel free to go out and rent it if you haven’t seen it yet!

Meanwhile, how about an Honest Trailer for Frozen 2?

I liked Frozen 2, though obviously it wasn’t t he runaway hit that the first one was. I’m ready for Frozen 3. I’m also ready for Disney to reveal that Elsa is gay. That’s a drum I’m ready to just keep beating!

I saved the most boring for last! Terminator: Dark Fate!

Let us hope this is the end of the Terminator franchise for a nice, long time.


Animated, Fan-Made Batman vs. Terminator is Pretty Sweet

Some Batman fans decided to whip up this sweet animation and share it with the rest of us! I love the Internet!

It ends pretty anticlimactically, but that was still a pretty badass bit of animation. It was posted by Mitchell Hammond, with the original concept by Tony Guerrero.

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