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Just One More Thing About Spider-Man…

The new Spider-Man video game is great. You should all buy a Playstation 4 so you can play it. Here’s an Honest Trailer to celebrate!

I have since beaten the game 100% and collected all of the trophies, which I’ve only ever done for one other game before. I have nothing left to do in Spider-Man but enjoy the web-swinging and fight some general crime. It’s maddening! I want me some DLC, but it’s a month away!

Somebody help me! Or maybe I’ll just start God of War finally.


Honestly, State of Decay is My Favorite Zombie Game of All Time

Anybody else playing State of Decay 2? It came out this week for X-Box and PC and I’m enjoying myself so far — though I’m not sure yet if it’s as good as the first game. Honest Trailers takes a stab at the first one, and honestly, I didn’t think it was as bad as they claim it to be.

I loved the first State of Decay. It is my favorite zombie video game, and I’ve played a ton of them. It’s Grand Theft Auto-style gameplay, where you third-person control a character and run them around a big open world map, get into fights and steal cars. But it’s the zombie apocalypse and you’ve got to worry about the undead. And not in a Dead Rising way, where you can just cut your way through endless hordes. Instead, State of Decay gives you a merciless stamina bar, and you can’t just go in fighting a horde. You’ve got to run, you’ve got to be stealthy and you’ve got to play appropriately.

The coolest aspect of the State of Decay games is community building. Just like The Walking Dead and other zombie media, you’re not just a lone wolf, you’ve got a whole community and an HQ to worry about. I love that aspect of the games. I love having to maintain a base and loot for supplies, using my entire community to make it happen.

I only wish State of Decay 2 was…better. More polished. More forgiving. And if only my stupid computer wouldn’t be missing the key components that make co-op possible! I wanted to play with my friends, gorramit!


Everybody Loves Pokemon, Honestly!

I enjoyed Pokemon Sun and Moon. It had some unique twists to the same old story, and the graphics were just super. There’s a new, super version coming out soon, but I think I’ll pass…or maybe I’ll buy it! I haven’t decided yet! Either way, here’s an Honest Trailer!

Good times. I think fun was had by all.


Spider-Man 2 Is the Best Spider-Man Video Game of All Time

Everybody gets around to ranking the Spider-Man video games at some point or anything, but there’s rarely any point. Spider-Man 2 is the best Spider-Man video game of all time. Nothing has ever come close, and I fear nothing ever will.

The web-slinging mechanic in Spider-Man 2 was revolutionary. If you’ve never played it, you must. Though I imagine it’s got to be hard to track down a game based on a more than 10-year-old movie.

Honest Trailers doesn’t get too up in Spider-Man 2’s grill, and that’s OK. As long as they are fully aware that it’s the best Spider-Man game ever. I do not have a lot of faith in the new,  upcoming Spidey game…but since it’s a Playstation exclusive, I’ll probably never be able to play it anyway.


I Really Wanna Play The Last Guardian

My favorite video game of all time is Shadow of the Colossus from the Playstation 2 era. That thing was a video game masterpiece. And, like everybody else, I have been patiently waiting for The Last Guardian to come out.

Well now it’s here and I don’t get to play it!

I don’t play video games on console anymore. It’s all PC and Steam! So somebody bring The Last Guardian to Steam. Make it happen. And if the Honest Trailers people can do it, then do it! I wanna play!


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