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History of the Predator, Animated!

Tell it Animated is back with a video on the Predator! It’s a shame this couldn’t come out in time for The Predator movie back in September, but then they wouldn’t be able to include the new Predators in this video. Makes sense!

Another stellar job! My suggestions for who they should do next are similar to what everybody else is suggesting: Chuckie, Godzilla and perhaps Superman.


So I’mma Gonna Go See The Predator

The Predator is out in theaters today and I’mma gonna go see it. It’s important that you readers know my Friday evening plans. To prepare you, here’s the Honest Trailer for the original Predator!

I’m not a huge fan of the monster or the franchise. I saw the original and it was good. I never saw the sequel. I just like going to new movies. Here’s hoping The Predator is good!


No, Thomas Jane, It’s The Predator

My article headline will make more sense once you watch this new trailer for The Predator. It’s a pretty gnarly trailer.

I’m definitely going to go see this movie. I’m not a big Predator fan, and I think I’ve only ever seen the original, and that was only in the past 10 years or so. I didn’t watch a lot of movies in the 80s, but am more than making up for that now.

See, dad? If you’d let me go to the movie theater when I was a kid to actually see these classics, maybe I wouldn’t see so many movies now that I’m an adult! Just like with video games…


Gonna Be a New Predator Movie

I didn’t watch a lot of movies growing up in the 80s and 90s. We just weren’t a family that went to the theater or rented anything that wasn’t PG. Name nearly any classic 80s movie and I probably didn’t see it until years later in college or adulthood. The original Predator, for example.

But hey, there’s a new movie! The Predator!

I have zero interest in the Predator franchise. I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever seen that original movie, and like I said, that was only after leaving college. But unless MoviePass goes belly up before this film comes out, I’mma gonna go see The Preadtor. Why the heck not?


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