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More Pacific Rim: Black, If That’s Your Thing

Did you know that Netflix has a cartoon set in the Pacific Rim universe? They do! And the first season was pretty good, if I remember correctly. Definitely worth a watch. Especially since a second season is coming.

I definitely remember enjoying the first season. The animation on the Jaegers is definitely cool. Though there’s zero connection to the movies. This might even take place years after the movies? I don’t quite remember. But a trailer is a trailer, especially on a Monday like this one.

Pacific Rim: Black returns for season 2 on April 19.


Honestly, I Was Mostly OK With Both of These Movies

In a bit of fun comedic commentary, Honest Trailers has combined Tomb Raider and Pacific Rim: Uprising. I saw both of these movies in the theater and, must like this trailer says, they’re both pretty fine.

But it’s a hot Tuesday, soon to be a holiday, so let’s just enjoy and have a nice day!


New Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer Drops Like It’s Hot

Movie trailers keep arriving at a rapid pace this month, possibly to get ahead of Black Panther, debuting tonight. Am I going to have to sit through half an hour of movie trailers tonight? Jeez louise!

Anyway, here’s a new trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising, which is basically just two straight minutes of giant monsters fighting giant robots.

The movie knows what it is and is not ashamed. I can respect that.


A Couple More Movie Trailers

I started this week by sharing a bunch of movie trailers, so I figured I’d end the week the same way, because a couple more came out!

Pacific Rim: Uprising gets a big new view with a ton of new information.

Still looks great!

Then we have I Kill Giants. I always meant to read the graphic novel, but I guess I’ll watch the movie instead!

Looks good! Hooray for movies!


I’m So Glad Pacific Rim Got a Sequel!

Pacific Rim is an awesome flick about people piloting giant robots to fight monsters. I love this genre, and I’m super excited that we have a big budget action movie franchise! So I’m very excited for Pacific Rim: Uprising and the first trailer is equally exciting!

Some concerns, though. I’m all for John Boyega getting more work, but why couldn’t we follow the adventures of Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori? Mako is probably the best female Asian superhero introduced to mainstream audiences in years! She’s going to be in the new sequel, but only as a supporting character. That’s a disappointment!

Also, Boyega is playing the son of Idris Elba’s character from the first one, Stacker Pentecost. Yet his name is Jake Pentacost? Really? With a name as cool as Stacker, you’re going to name your son Jake? Lame as heck!

At least Charlie Day is also returning. Good to know he’s still getting work in Hollywood.


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