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Continuing With Today’s Pacific Rim Theme

Here is Everything Wrong with Pacific Rim from our pals at Cinema Sins!

I don’t know why today ended up being a day to pick on Pacific Rim. I love the movie and hope to see more Pacific Rimming soon enough. Now where is the video of Pacific Rim made to look like Voltron, huh? Get on that, Internet! Or the paraody porno ‘Pacific Rim Job’? Get on that, sleazy porno producers of southern California!

Also, watching that, I just found out that Pacific Rim had an end credits scene. Who knew? End credit scenes are the new 3D.

Fun is Fun is Pacific Rim is Power Rangers

Brought to my attention by loyal henchperson Xavier, this is just one of those fun little videos that the Internet decided to grace us with. Internetter The Unusual Suspect in particular.

So when are we going to get that big screen, big budget live action Power Rangers movie? And I don’t mean The Power Rangers Movie, which was clearly tied into the TV show. I mean the serious, Transformers-esque re-imagining? Because I’m in if you guys are.

Honest Trailers – Pacific Rim

One of my favorite non-superhero movies of the year gets the Screen Junkies treatment! Let’s all enjoy poking fun at Pacific Rim!

Aw man, that movie was awesome! Have you ever seen a more punchtacular movie!?

How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended

I liked Pacific Rim, and this video nails it to the wall. Funny too, and without resorting to their Superman/Batman schtick. Those surprise cameos at the end were golden, I tells ya! Golden!

Review: Pacific Rim

Imagine a tank. Now imagine that tank is shaped like a human being. Now imagine that tank is as tall as a skyscraper, and it’s used to beat down giant monsters in the kind of fights that shake the streets, shatter buildings and use oceanliners as baseball bats. That is Pacific Rim, the ultimate ode to giant robots and monster movies of old. And considering my childhood love of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, and my own desire to someday pilot a Megazord, I was definitely looking forward to Pacific Rim – and I was not disappointed.

Pacific Rim is the kind of summer spectacle movie that people should be lining up to see. It’s the kind of movie that demands a bigger IMAX screen, because the action is both huge and hugely entertaining. The human characters could have used a little more fleshing out, but the size and scope of the film do not disappoint.

Movie Rating: 8/10 – Very Good.

Sadly, the Adam Sandler film Grown Ups 2 somehow captivated audiences more this past weekend than Pacific Rim. This is the world we live in. A crappy, crummy, by-the-numbers, lazy Sandler fart-joke-fest made more money than an original, high-octane movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters. Do I need to repeat that? Giant robots fighting giant monsters. In big, bombastic slugfests! It’s the Megazord fighting Godzilla! It’s every childhood joy of mine coming to fun, exciting life on the big screen. What more could humanity possibly want from its movies?

That little children around the world aren’t bugging their parents for Gipsy Danger toys right now is a crime against humanity.

Take it from a big geek like me, the robot/monster fights in Pacific Rim are exactly what we hoped they would be – though they almost all take place at night…in the rain…and while standing waist-deep in the water. I guess sometimes filmmakers have to do what they can to hide the CGI. But I won’t hold it against them. The fights are big, brutal and highly entertaining. And unlike Man of Steel, the CGI was not just a big mess of explosions and mindless destruction. These were unique, cool-looking beings, and their actions were easy to follow and understand. Pacific Rim is big CGI done right.

If only the human characters were as awesome as the giant, asskicking robots.

Join me after the jump for my full review of Pacific Rim. And beware, there will be some SPOILERS.

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