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Logan Does That Honest Trailers Thing!

It was bound to happen one of these days. Like the passing of the tides, so too do all popular movies get the Honest Trailers treatment. But these things get millions of views so I bet they’re making bank! Here’s the one for Logan.

Congrats to the Screen Junkies for getting 200 Honest Trailers! You guys help random, minor bloggers like me fill our Fridays with content!

Oh yeah, and Logan was good.


Logan Should Have Ended With a Musical Number

I wasn’t totally sold on this How It Should Have Ended for Logan, but they won me over in the end.

I didn’t realize what they were singing at first, but when they went into the huge ensemble Les Mis-style musical number, they had me. Then Deadpool in a DeLorean was neat. Though I continue to insist that the Batman/Superman cafe callbacks are not nearly as funny as these guys think they are. I’m here for the alternate endings, not the in jokes.

Just sayin’…


6 Ideas for the X-Men Movies After Logan

I saw Logan last weekend and enjoyed the movie, though I wasn’t blown away or anything of the like. Maybe the film would have been more impactful if I hadn’t been so disappointed with recent X-Men films. They’ve become a mess of time travel and alternate timelines, so there hasn’t really been a solid, emotional connection to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine or Patrick Stewart’s Professor X for a few years now.

Still, it was a fine, enjoyable movie. The real question is where the X-Men go from here.

X Future 01

So dramatic

Logan was the last franchise performance for Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, two mainstays of the X-Men movies since the very beginning. It’s a pretty conclusive movie and, in a better world, might mark the entire end of the franchise. But nope! Fox Studios has several X-plates spinning at the moment. The franchise has to go somewhere after Logan, no matter how final it seemed.

I happen to have a few ideas on that! Join me after the jump!

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Why I’m Not Fired Up About Logan

Everybody is super excited for Logan, the third solo Wolverine movie that comes out later this year. They’re excited for the R rating. They’re excited for the gritting realism. They’re excited for X-23. They’re excited for the movie.

But I’m not.

The reason I am not excited is because I just don’t have any more faith in the X-Men franchise, especially not the solo Wolverine movies. X-Men: Apocalypse, X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Wolverine have all been largely generic action movies. And all of the trailers for Logan, no matter how many slow, somber songs they put over them, look like they’re promoting a generic action movie.

I would love a deep, somber, meaningful movie about Wolverine. Bring it on! But I’m pretty sure all these slow songs are just smoke and mirrors, and Logan is just going to be a movie about Wolverine and X-23 cutting through Reavers the whole time.


New Logan Trailer Is OK, I Guess

Compared to the Mighty Morpin’ craziness of the Power Rangers trailer earlier, I just don’t think this new Logan trailer holds up. The tone could be interesting, but what exactly are we seeing here? Old Man Logan learns to be a softy again thanks to impressionable young girl?

At least they seem to be getting their R-ratings’ worth of swear words and blood. I suppose that counts for something to movie executives.


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