6 Things I Would Want in a Justice League TV Show

Rumors and news tidbits have been swirling for a few weeks now that Warner Bros’ next live action superhero show is going to be a team effort. We’ve already heard that Firestorm, Atom and Captain Cold have been tapped to appear (along with Sara Lance, for some reason), and casting notices have teased a few more characters.

Something is definitely in the works. Could it be a live action Justice League TV show?

It’s been done

Considering how much I love Arrow and The Flash, I can’t wait to see what else this DC brain trust can produce! I’m excited for Supergirl and Vixen, and the idea of putting together a ramshackle Justice League TV show sounds pretty amazing. That Flash/Arrow team-up last year was great television. If DC and The CW can turn that energy into a whole TV show, they’ll have another hit on their hands.

They’ll also have a hit if they follow my advice after the jump!

6. Disorganized

Something like this

In both the comics and cartoons, the Justice League operates out of a futuristic, billion-dollar space station orbiting above the Earth. They have teleporters that can reach anywhere on the planet, and they not only have an entire fleet of spaceships, but also a massive civilian support staff. The Justice League is huge.

But if they’re going to do a live action TV show, the Justice League should be small. Right now in The CW Universe, both the Arrow and the Flash essentially operate out of their garages. The Arrow Cave is in the basement of a bar Oliver Queen used to own, and the Flash and his team work in a nearly defunct old laboratory — and I love that about both of them! I love the idea that they are all essentially street-level heroes cobbling together a superhero campaign. And I would even more love the idea of building a Justice League around that.

Remember these guys?

Instead of meeting in a satellite, they could meat in somebody’s kitchen. Instead of patrolling the whole world, they could focus on a single city or two. I want to see the individual heroes clambering to put this team together and keep it together. I want to see reluctance and fear and deep concern, but in the end, a solid foundation of wanting to help, and knowing that being a team is the best way forward. I want to see the growing pains of a new Justice League.

5. Mention Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman

Maybe you’ve heard of them

The elephant in the room is that DC’s Trinity, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, will probably never appear in the CW Universe. Those are big, money-making superheroes, and Warner Bros is saving them for a big screen Justice League series. I can understand the idea behind that, even if it makes no sense to me. The world can handle multiple versions of these superheroes at one time. Nobody is going to complain if you’ve got different versions of Batman on the big and small screens.

But such are Warner Bros. priorities, and they can do what they like. But if you’re going to expand the CW Universe to include a Justice League, why not at least mention the existence of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman? Especially if CBS’ Supergirl show is going to take place in the same Universe. It would add to the disorganized feel that I mentioned above: this team is pulling itself together with string and thumb tacks, so of course they can’t get the big dogs like Superman or Wonder Woman to join. That should at least get a mention.

4. Arrow and Flash, Obviously

Look what they have wrought!

I doubt either the Arrow or the Flash would be permanent additions to the show…although now that I write it out, why couldn’t they be? Actors appear on multiple TV shows simultaneously, right? Doesn’t it happen all the time? And these shows would be so connected, why not film them all together? What’s the other option? Make a Justice League show in the CW Universe with Arrow and Flash only occasionally guest starring? Why? That would be ludicrous! Arrow might opt out of a team setting, but there’s no way Barry Allen wouldn’t gladly join up with other metahumans trying to help people. So if nothing else, the Flash has to be a permanent member of the team.

3. Martian Manhunter

Martians have no fashion sense

I realize that adding an alien to the CW Universe would really, really shake things up. Aliens definitely wouldn’t fit in Arrow. But if you’re going to go with a Justice League TV show, then why not go all out? Martian Manhunter is a classic League character, a powerhouse that could easily fill Superman’s shoes and have a place in the CW Universe. Maybe don’t have him cameo on Arrow, but he would be a fascinating figure to interact with the Flash and the rest of the kooky crew being assembled.

2. The Legion of Doom, Obviously


I think it’s safe to say that the appearance of Gorilla Grodd on The Flash is proof that Warner Bros. is not afraid of their own crazy comics. They are going there, and so far, it has been glorious. Flash vs. Grodd is going to be insane, and it’s going to be amazing. So the next step is teaming Grodd up with Merlyn and a bunch of other super villains to form a Legion of Doom (Or Injustice League, if that’s more your cup of tea).

There’s no reason for this show not go to all out in terms of villains. There are tons of bad guys left to choose from, and again, if The Flash can pull off a convincing Grodd, there should be no shortage of villains to use. Maybe don’t go full-on Darkseid invasion, but surely people like Solomon Grundy or Toyman or Cheetah are up for grabs, right? And just like The Rogues on The Flash, all you have to do is seed them throughout the first season and bring them together in the season finale. That’s just good television.

1. Be Bold

Perhaps Brave and Bold?

Now is not the time to go gentle into that sweet night. Now is not the time to play it safe and hope for the best. With Arrow on its third highly successful season, with Gorilla Grodd tearing it up in The Flash, with Avengers: Age of Ultron ready to destroy the summer box office, with Daredevil and the Defenders about to take over Netflix, now is not the time to be wimps about a live action Justice League TV show. Don’t be flabby, don’t be silly, don’t be campy. Don’t take it easy on anybody.

Tap into the same bold spirit that made Arrow a reality in the first place. Be confident in your choices and direction. Superheroes are still a very big deal in entertainment, and with a show like this, you could remake the TV landscape in your image.

Seize this opportunity and make proper television history.

Also, seriously consider the Wonder Twins. Just sayin’.


What do you henchies want to see in a live action Justice League TV show? The rumors are swirling, the casting calls have gone out, and I think I read somewhere it could debut this fall. So what will they bring to the table? Also, if you liked this list, maybe check out what I had in mind for a Justice League movie!



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