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The DC/CW Crossover This Year Looks Pretty Badass!

I have stopped watching all of the DC shows on The CW network. I just wasn’t liking them anymore. The Flash had become absolutely painful to watch. But the trailer for this year’s epic crossover looks pretty cool! Maybe I’ll watch just the crossover.

I’m sure I can just whiz through any continuity that I’ve missed. Though I do hear that the new season of Arrow is pretty good.


6 Thoughts on the Latest Seasons of Arrow and The Flash

Superheroes shows on The CW network are growing by leaps and bounds! Arrow is four seasons deep, The Flash was back for a second, and now they’ve doubled in size, with Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl joining the fray. Who could have guessed that this is where we would be?

And I never could have guessed how disinterested I would be…

Whoda thunkit?

Harsh words, I know. As recently as last year, I was still totally plugged into the Arrowverse and everything this whole enterprise had to offer. But something has happened in the past year. Something has changed. I used to do annual reviews of each show individually, but I’ve decided to cram my takes on Arrow and The Flash together into one List because that’s all I need. Because these seasons…I dunno. Something has most definitely changed…

Join me after the jump for my thoughts on the Arrowverse these days.

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Legends of Tomorrow Looks Pretty Badass

Legends of Tomorrow will premiere on Jan. 21, continuing the conquest of The CW with DC superheroes! I’m a little hesitant about this series, but damn if that trailer doesn’t look all manner of awesome. Can you believe we’re going to get a TV show starring Hawkman and the Atom? Granted, it’s in the same year that we’ll get a movie starring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. I guess 2016 is really going to be DC’s make or break year!


DC Still Has No Faith in Hawkman’s Chest

The first picture of the new Hawkman and Hawkgirl from the Arrowverse has arrived, and just like in Smallville a few years ago, the good people at DC and The CW are making sure that Hawkman’s manly, muscular chest is covered up. It’s probably for the best, but still…Hawkman!

The wings are probably CGI

At least he’s still got the mace!

I think I like the costumes. They’re definitely along the lines of the Flash and Green Arrow costumes, and that’s a definite plus. It’s a good look — though those helmets do look slightly silly.

Hawkgirl will be played by Ciara Renee, and Hawkman will be played by Falk Hentschel. DC is apparently sticking with the ‘reincarnated Egytpian lovers’ origin for the Hawks instead of something more modern and realistic. More power to them.

At this point, I don’t remember which shows the two are going to appear on. I’m sure they’ll make the rounds everywhere they can before settling on Legends of Tomorrow.


A New Costume for Green Arrow and Other Fun Stuff

Both Arrow and The Flash are coming back to TV in the fall, and Comic-Con had a ton of news for both of them. First up, not only is the Arrow getting a tougher new costume, but rumor has it that he’s finally going to change his name to ‘Green Arrow’ in season 4. I like the new look.

So is his hood now ventilated?

There’s also word that both Anarky and Mr. Terrific will appear in Season 4, so it looks like more and more comic book characters are going to join this universe. They’re also going to go ahead and change the name Starling City to Star City, like it was originally in Green Arrow comics.

To say nothing of The Flash! Because not only are they going to get Jay Garrick and Earth 2, but Zoom is going to be the big bad and Wally West is finally going to show up. That’s neat. They’re also going to further explore Cisco’s transformation into Vibe.

Meanwhile, in Legends of Tomorrow, we’ve got confirmation that Hawkman is going to show up! That’s pretty cool.

And the first trailer for the Vixen cartoon has been released.

So yeah, good things coming from DC in the near future. I think they clearly won Comic-Con this year.


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