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Here’s That Suicide Squad Video Game Trailer

The last trailer I have to show from DC FanDome is the trailer for the new Rocksteady video game: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. It’s not a gameplay trailer, just a really fun cinematic that shows off the characters and scope of the game. It’s pretty cool.

We knew this game was coming in some form or another. I even did a List of Six on the game prior to FanDome, of things I want to see in the game. How many did I get right? A few…it’s set in the Arkhamverse, it’ll probably have the Arkham fighting style, it’s going to feature multiple playable characters, it’s going to target the Justice League and Harley Quinn is one of the stars. So that’s 5 out of 6 things I get!

No word on whether or not the Joker shows up…

Still, the game looks cool and should be pretty awesome. It comes out in 2022, so we’ve got a long wait ahead of us. But long waits are nothing new in video game announcements, so I can be patient.

Honestly, I am now much more excited about Gotham Knights…


Movie Review: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is a studio executive’s attempt to recreate the magic of Guardians of the Galaxy without understanding why or how that magic worked. Warner Bros. clearly wanted a cast of wacky, troubled characters, a bunch of witty one-liners, and a heaping of bouncy, familiar pop music. Director David Ayer delivers on all those things, but not nearly enough to make a really good film. He gets a little too distracted by the flash bang of generic gun violence.

Suicide Squad is like an Avengers movie if you dial down the entertaining character interactions and dial up the fights against endless, faceless minions.

Movie Rating: 6/10 – Pretty Good. 

There is the potential for a great movie buried deep beneath the mindless, humdrum action of Suicide Squad, and overall, I’m pretty sure I mostly enjoyed the experience. I was mildly entertained, in a bland ‘I don’t hate this’ sort of way. There were enough good notes in the movie to keep me humming along.

For the most part, the characters and the actors playing them are actually really great. Will Smith as Deadshot and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn are fantastic, and even secondary characters like Rick Flag, El Diablo and Captain Boomerang show a lot of potential. This could have been a great movie.

Instead, these great characters are simply walked through a bland, generic shoot’em up flick with a crummy plot, an overload of unnecessary characters and a severe lack of anything truly noteworthy. Despite being primarily an action movie, there are no awesome, exciting set pieces or interesting fight choreography. There are no big moments that will have people on the edge of their seats or talking about forever. And all the best jokes and one-liners were in the trailers.

Not to mention more than a few weird plotholes that undermine the entire point of the movie.

Join me after the jump for my full review! Expect FULL SPOILERS for Suicide Squad!

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New Suicide Squad Trailer is Off the Chain!

Do kids still say ‘off the chain’ these days? Surely they do. If not, I’m bringing it back for the new Suicide Squad trailer!

This thing is off the hook! (People definitely still say that!). It’s wacky, hilarious, and makes great use of Bohemian Rhapsody, a song we all know and love. Obviously, there are not just flashes of Guardians of the Galaxy in this trailer, but possibly of Deadpool too. Those are two very good influencers.

As henchie Javier pointed out to me, it’s actually kind of exciting to see someone at DC having fun! Compare that to the dark and gloomy Wonder Woman footage that’s making the rounds online, and which I’ll get around to sharing soon.


First Suicide Squad Trailer Looks to Impress

After it leaked on a crappy cell phone recording after Comic-Con, the folks at DC and Warner Bros. have just decided to go ahead and release the full Suicide Squad trailer online!

I like it, it’s pretty cool. Lot of action, the characters look neat, and it seems generally good. I liked Harley and Will Smith. Not sure how I feel about the Joker yet. Those fake teeth make him sound ridiculous, and not in a good Joker way. It sounds like he has some fake teeth in his mouth. But overall, I think I’m OK with it. And it was a smart decision to just release the trailer to the larger public. You’ve got the darn thing, why sit on it when crappy cell phone versions are flitting around the web?

Though this might convince companies not to screen trailers at Comic-Con anymore…


And Just Like That, Here’s the Suicide Squad!

Sunday had a big surprise for everybody: the first cast pic of the Suicide Squad! Everybody’s in costume!

From left, we’ve got Slipknot, Captain Boomerang, Enchantress, Katana, Rick Flagg, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc and El Diablo. They’re also all played by cool actors, but I’ve only got so many fingers for typing.

My initial reaction was shock, because there’s a whole lot to take in when you first see this picture. Then once you start looking it over, there’s a lot to like. Katana, Killer Croc, Boomerang and especially Deadshot look great. Slipknot and Diablo are clearly just there as cannon fodder. And Harley Quinn looks…OK, she looks OK.

Speaking of Deadshot, played by Will Smith, here we have a solo shot with the mask and everything!

I am definitely down for Will Smith to kick all kinds of butt in this movie.

Though I’m disappointed that Joker isn’t in this picture. I’ve been hoping beyond hope that Joker was actually a member of Task Force X and not some Hannibal Lecter guy in a cell. But we’ll see!


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