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Here’s That Suicide Squad Video Game Trailer

The last trailer I have to show from DC FanDome is the trailer for the new Rocksteady video game: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. It’s not a gameplay trailer, just a really fun cinematic that shows off the characters and scope of the game. It’s pretty cool.

We knew this game was coming in some form or another. I even did a List of Six on the game prior to FanDome, of things I want to see in the game. How many did I get right? A few…it’s set in the Arkhamverse, it’ll probably have the Arkham fighting style, it’s going to feature multiple playable characters, it’s going to target the Justice League and Harley Quinn is one of the stars. So that’s 5 out of 6 things I get!

No word on whether or not the Joker shows up…

Still, the game looks cool and should be pretty awesome. It comes out in 2022, so we’ve got a long wait ahead of us. But long waits are nothing new in video game announcements, so I can be patient.

Honestly, I am now much more excited about Gotham Knights…


6 Things I Want to See in the Suicide Squad Movie

Apparently, by all accounts, the Suicide Squad movie is really happening. Even though big names like Will Smith and Jared Leto have been cast, I’m still having a hard time believing that DC Comics and Warner Bros. have chosen the Suicide Squad over the entire rest of their future lineup to make a movie about. Suicide Squad is the direct follow-up to Dawn of Justice. It boggles the mind!

But hey, I’m not one to turn down a good superhero movie, and maybe this will be a really good superhero movie!

Why isn’t the giant shark man in the movie?!

The Suicide Squad is one of those great comic book concepts. It’s about a team of super-villains put together by the government to run dangerous black-ops missions, and in exchange they get time knocked off their prison sentences. It’s a pretty ingenious way to take a bunch of classic villain characters and turn them into protagonists without erasing their menace. And quite honestly, the concept makes for a pretty awesome and original superhero movie. This won’t be an origin story, this won’t be a hero’s journey; this is an action film starring comic book badasses…so maybe that’s why they’re making it next!

Filming is scheduled to begin next year, so there’s plenty of time for producers to check out the six things I want in the Suicide Squad movie! You can check them out after the jump, and feel free to add some of your own ideas in the comments!

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I’m Not Sure How I Feel About the Suicide Squad Movie

Am I the only person who’s a little confused that DC Comics seems to be rushing into a movie about the Suicide Squad for no good reason? Don’t get me wrong, the concept has legs. The Suicide Squad has so far made for a great episode of Justice League Unlimited and an OK episode of Arrow. And the basic concept is pretty solid too: super-villains forced to go on dangerous missions for the government. But Suicide Squad is hardly a big name, and they don’t yet even know if Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to succeed.

Why is Suicide Squad, of all possible franchises, the next one to hit theaters?

Whatever the plan is, Variety is reporting that DC has nailed down the cast. One part of the plan is clearly to use big name actors to bring in the audience.

Jared Leto as the Joker

Will Smith as Deadshot

Tom Hardy as Rick Flagg

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

Jai Courtney as Boomerang

Cara Delevingne as Enchantress

The film will be directed by David Ayer, and will begin shooting in April for a planned Aug. 5, 2016 release date.

That’s definitely a pretty solid list of actors. I think they’ll all do fine in those roles. Having both the Joker and Harley Quinn in this movie is a strong move. Everybody is pretty familiar with both characters, and there’s probably no other way they could make a solo film starring the Joker. So let the Clown Prince of Crime take center stage in Suicide Squad. I bet audiences will eat that up. And it’ll be neat to see the character interact with people who aren’t Batman. I’m sure Jared Leto will bring the same unexpected, manic energy as Heath Ledger did.

Will Smith as Deadshot should be pretty awesome. I can see him being a fan favorite, as Deadshot usually is, and Smith is pretty popular too, from what I understand. Leto and Smith should carry this film easily, with the Joker’s zany madness offset by Deadshot’s brutal pragmatism.

I’m assuming Boomerang is just short for Captain Boomerang (who’s also appearing on both Arrow and The Flash this week), and Enchantress is a really weird choice. Of all the lady bad guys they could have chosen, why Enchantress, someone nobody has heard of? She’s a magical character, and that brings a lot to the table, but they could have had so much more fun if they’d picked, say, Poison Ivy. Everybody knows Poison Ivy, and it would give you a pretty amazing love triangle with Harley and Joker.

But I’m sure Warner Bros. knows what they’re doing. I’m sure they think they have a solid script in place, and this will make one heck of a fun Ocean’s 11-style masterpiece. We shall see. I’m going to be cautiously optimistic, but I’m still just not sure why they’re going with the Suicide Squad. Maybe they know something we don’t.


A Live Action Captain Boomerang Will Be a Thing

Someone somewhere has decided that a man whose claim to fame is throwing boomerangs will pose much more of a challenge to a man who shoots arrows instead of a man with super speed. In other words, Captain Boomerang will appear on Arrow in Season 3 instead of The Flash.

He’ll also be played by Nick Tarabay, of Spartacus, according to Entertainment Weekly.

At least one of them is Australian

Though according to the article, he’ll be part of the two show crossover coming up this fall, so maybe that’s something.

I watched Spartacus, and it was really good. Tarabay played the jackass, so I bet he’d make a good villain. He seems like he has the cocky smarm to play someone like Captain Boomerang. Also according to the article, the Cap’n will be a former ARGUS operative who’s possibly gone rogue. New Suicide Squad member, perhaps?

I only hope the boomerang effects are as good as the bow and arrow effects.


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