First Suicide Squad Trailer Looks to Impress

After it leaked on a crappy cell phone recording after Comic-Con, the folks at DC and Warner Bros. have just decided to go ahead and release the full Suicide Squad trailer online!

I like it, it’s pretty cool. Lot of action, the characters look neat, and it seems generally good. I liked Harley and Will Smith. Not sure how I feel about the Joker yet. Those fake teeth make him sound ridiculous, and not in a good Joker way. It sounds like he has some fake teeth in his mouth. But overall, I think I’m OK with it. And it was a smart decision to just release the trailer to the larger public. You’ve got the darn thing, why sit on it when crappy cell phone versions are flitting around the web?

Though this might convince companies not to screen trailers at Comic-Con anymore…


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  1. Liked that half second batman cameo. Then again, maybe i imagined it. Pretty good trailer overall and i like the two characters you like. As for Joker, I guess i can see why they’d leave his appearance for the end of the trailer, but all that build up fails to deliver anything spectacular imo. I’m sure whathisface Leto will be fine in the role, but I don’t know if he’s going to stand out. We’ll see i guess.

    • That was definitely a half-second Batman cameo. He’s in the movie, potentially in a flashback to how the Joker was captured.

      And yeah, I guess I’ll wait and see how Leto performs. He can’t top Heath Ledger, but maybe he’ll give it the old college try.

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