6 Things I Want from Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Game (Before We Know Anything About It)

We recently got the first visual confirmation that the video game studio Rocksteady is making a Suicide Squad video game. The geniuses who brought us the Arkhamverse trilogy will be tackling a new DC Comics crew and I am very excited.

The thing is, all we know about the game is this single teaser image. Looks like they’re targeting Superman? Who can say for sure.

Come and get it, Superman!

The point is, having nothing but a single teaser image is not going to stop me from speculating. Even if I only have to wait until this weekend for DC FanDome to actually reveal and explain the game, I’m gonna waste everybody’s time by speculating on things I want to see in the game right now. I don’t see why not. It’s the middle of August. The heat and humidity are terrible. The pandemic shows no signs of slowing down. Life is hell. Patience does not exist. I think it’s perfectly fine to spend my time day dreaming about a new video game from the studio that brought us the Arkham trilogy.

So join me after the jump for all the things I want to see in the Rocksteady Suicide Game, reduced to six entries. And come back after DC FanDome for a new list that will be based on everything we do learn about the game. Maybe some of the ones on this list will prove correct!

6. Set in Arkhamverse

You know you want to go back

This one should be a gimme. The Arkhamverse is a fun and exciting take on Batman and his mythos and cast of characters, created wholly by Rocksteady. So why shake things up? Why create yet another reality when you’ve got this existing one? There’s nothing in the Arkham games that would preclude the Suicide Squad or Superman. In fact, those games already gave us usable versions of Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc and any number of other characters who could be used in a Suicide Squad game. Did Captain Boomerang show up? What about Amanda Waller? Either way, just use the same universe and existing characters, then add on new stuff to expand instead of replace.

Heck, WB Montreal, the studio that created Arkham: Origins, is making their own Batman game…why not have the two crossover? That would be really neat!

5. Keep the combat

Greatness is still greatness

I can still remember my first time trying out the Arkham Asylum fighting system. I stepped up to that display game at my local GameStop and hopped into a whole new world of video game excitement. Soon I was a whirling dervish of a Batman, bunching and leaping and blocking and reversing. It was like nothing I’d ever played before, and it never got boring through four different games. So yeah, keep it in the new game. Don’t fix that which is not broken.

4. Multiple characters

Especially this loser

Simply put, switch between player characters throughout the game. Either let us choose which character we want to play as at any certain point, or create specific levels/segments that star a specific character. We largely played as Batman in the Arkham games, but I think Robin got a couple of levels…or was he only DLC? I don’t fully remember. Either way, there are lots of members of the Suicide Squad, and if you’re going to make a team game, let us play as everybody eventually. Surely that’s the point?

3. Target Superman

Punch him good!

So the teaser image puts a target on Superman. I’ve seen some people on the internet speculate that this is maybe Bizarro? Or an evil Superman? Why complicate matters? The Suicide Squad aren’t good guys. They aren’t heroes. Have them hunt the real, regular, good guy Superman. Have them hunt the entire Justice League! The Arkham games were great about throwing all manner of redesigned and awesome Batman Rogues at the player. So now do the same for the Justice League! They’d be the perfect boss battles.

2. No Joker (Batman is fine)

Aren’t we all just a little bit sick of the Joker?

Leave the Joker out of this game, please. Pretty please. With sugar on top. I know everybody loves the Joker, but come on! Every single Arkham game was about the Joker. Even Arkham: Origins, which marketed itself as Batman vs. Black Mask and his gang of mercenaries, evolved into a game about the Joker. Do something different! There are so many great characters to use that aren’t the Joker! Heck, the new Montreal Batman game is supposedly about the Court of Owls…but I bet it ends up starring the Joker.

Meanwhile, I’d be perfectly fine with a cameo by Arkhamverse Batman. Like I said earlier, a crossover with WB Montreal’s Batman game would be a hoot!

1. Harley Quinn is fine by me

Yet not sick of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is as popular now as she’s ever been. She was the star of a live action theatrical movie earlier this year. She’s got an amazing cartoon show that just made the jump to HBO Max (and you should watch it!). She’s got a million different comic books coming out each month. I would be perfectly happy if Harley was the star of the new game. Heck, I’m surprised the game isn’t just a Harley Quinn game. She could easily pick up the slack left behind by the Arkham games. She can fight like Batman could fight,she’s got more than enough gadgets to meet that demand, and there’s a ton of alternate costumes to throw into the game. She’s a perfect video game protagonist and I would have no problem seeing her front and center in the Suicide Squad game.

Did you know Deadpool had a video game? It was pretty fun! It came out before the movies, so he wasn’t as culturally omnipresent, but it was still really good.


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